Troubador Saving Maya

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785893605

eISBN: 9781785897153

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Saving Maya


This delightful new children’s book, Saving Maya, is perfect for readers aged 8 and above. It tells the story of two dogs who are destined to become sisters. An uplifting tale, based on a true-life story, not only introduces young readers to pet rescue and adoption, but also educates children about the cruel reality of today’s puppy trade, where dogs are confined in farms to produce puppies. Readers first meet Willow, a much-loved family pet living a happy normal life with Patsy. One day, Patsy decides to get Willow a sister but, she soon finds out that something is not right; she discovers that many of the puppies she admires come from awful places: puppy farms! Maya is one of those dogs. She's stuck in a filthy, dark barn and has been there her whole life. When readers first meet Maya, she’s in a terrible state and fears her life is nearly over. However, rescue comes and readers follow Maya’s journey to a place of safety, where for the first time in her life, she experiences kindness and eventually finds herself living with Willow and Patsy. This tale of courage and survival will appeal to children who enjoy tales about animals. Saving Maya can also be used in the classroom to educate children on the ethics of animal cruelty.

We'll be launching 'Saving Maya' on 3 July at the DBARC Fun Day, Hurst, Berkshire RG10 0RR. Both Annabel & Janetta will there all day from 10am. Come and meet us both and the dogs who have inspired us.
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Saving Maya

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Before I started it I thought it wasn't my type of book. But when I got into it it completely changed my mind. I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to find out what happened in the end. I loved reading about how one of the dogs in the story was abandoned then rescued happily. Saving Maya taught me that it's wrong to be cruel to dogs and that if you want a puppy then you should find a kind breeder that shows you the puppies with their mum.

by Leo

I love the way you are one minute with Maya and the next with Patsy. The book is well written and illustrated throughout, aimed for the younger generation which will hopefully start to change the views of "Buying a Puppy" and adopting from a rescue. Great tips as well at the end of the book to make sure you are making the right decision in getting a dog, well done Janetta and Annabel

by Carol S

I am very proud to have played a small part in getting this wonderfull book published. It is an uplifting story, written by someone who understands dogs through and through. The way Janetta has got into their heads is amazing and Maya's story made me grieve all over again for what my own two puppy farm rescue dogs must have suffered. Annabel's illustrations are stunning and bring the whole book to life. I know that one day there will be no more puppy farms and that this book will play a big part in that change.

by Camilla Kinton

This book is a beautiful and cleverly written story that is stunningly illustrated throughout.
Saving Maya takes you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions from despair to elation.
As a keen dog lover and owner of two, I bought this book with the intention of donating it to my local school for the children's enjoyment and to help educate children of the need for improved animal welfare and the need for prospective dog owners to research the origins of their new puppy, help stop the misery of puppy farming and promote the benefits of adopting a dog from a reputable rehoming charity.
I found myself unable to put Saving Maya down and read it cover to cover in one hit, curled up on the sofa with my own dogs.
From the beginning I was hooked by all the characters. I like the way the author enables you to meet the characters and feel you are there with them.
The book addresses the misery and brutality of commercial puppy farming in a sensitive and responsible way that youngsters will understand.
I found myself wanting to whoop for joy in some parts, laugh out loud and draw my own precious dogs closer in other parts.
This is such an enjoyable read that savvy youngsters will be both entertained and enthralled by.
As the prospective next generation of pet owners. I feel sure the children (and adults)of today who read this book, will be enlightened and encouraged to help bring about positive changes in animal welfare, rescue & rehoming and the abolition of puppy farms.

by Tracey Norris

I bought Saving Maya for my local school for their group reading classes. I took a peak and ended up reading the book from cover to cover in one night, curled up on the sofa, cup of tea and my two dogs snorting quietly beside me.
From the start the author sets the scene and introduces you to the different characters.
I thought the pictures were beautiful and exactly how I imagined the characters to be. The illustrations are a real joy throughout the book and compliment the story perfectly.
The story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster which made me whoop for joy, laugh & cry in equal measures.
The crucial message is loud and clear relating to the cruelty, suffering and misery of commercial puppy farming, the need for good research before buying a puppy and not buying pups from petshops or via internet sale sights and adopting a dog from one of the rescue organisations.
This book is sensitively written and will motivate youngsters to strive for better animal welfare.
This book is a super read for children and adults alike.
I wish I could take all the dogs in the book home.
If you are looking for a jolly good read then look no further, it a woofingly good read.

by Tracey Norris

I love the way this book is written. It has a gentle manner, but conveys a very strong narrative from Maya herself about the horrors of being a prisoner on a puppy farm. Reading how Maya felt ashamed of the way she was during her captivity is heartbreaking. Not wanting to live anymore, her dignity being stripped away but loving all the pups that had been taken away is such a painful read. What is beautiful though is her recovery with her caring adopter Patsy and canine sister Willow who also tells us of how she came to share her world with a dog less fortunate than herself and giving this scared creature her unconditional love. How bewildered Willow was to know humans could be so cruel. Reading how Maya was so accepting of love from the same species that meted out such cruelty and had complete disregard for her as a living entity is very touching and incredulous. I love the thought provoking quotes at the beginning of each chapter. This book is simply written to pass on a simple message that too many people overlook when the decision has been made to have a dog live with them. I'm pleased that this book can be read by children as well as adults as the message needs to be received early. Anyone who reads this book will not buy puppies with ignorance. They will however still have a choice as to how they buy. This book will affect anyone with a conscience around animal welfare and wellbeing

by Linda Bramley

A great story for any dog-loving child to read. The story of Willow, the much loved pet and Maya who lives on a puppy farm will melt the heart of any animal lover. The book is packed with empathy and emotion and will teach the reader all about the hardship of life on a puppy farm. It shows how much patience and understanding is needed to accommodate a dog with a difficult past but that there are big rewards for the dog and the humans involved.

by Tracy Genever, Head of Education Services, Blue Cross

Janetta Harvey

I'm an author and campaigner against the puppy trade, which is often called puppy farming. I live some of the time in England with my husband, Michel and other times we can be found in south-west France. Wherever we are, our dogs are too: Renae, Twinkle and Cerise, three miniature schnauzers, three very different characters. Cerise and Twinkle are both survivors of the brutal puppy breeding industry. Our first rescued ex-breeding dog, Susie-Belle was, and remains the inspiration for my books and writing; she died in November 2015 after being with us for four years.

Like other breeding dogs, ours lived an existence many humans won’t bear to think about given a chance. But their terrible past lies behind them these days and they’ve gone from having no home at all beyond a patch of concrete in a barn, to having two comfortable homes: one in England, a second in France. Life cannot get any better for these dogs and they have more than earned that pleasure.

I share our lives together in my writing and books with the aim of inspiring others to rescue dogs like them, and to join the campaign to end the cruel puppy industry.

In addition to my books and blog, I also regularly contribute to other publications to continue spreading the word about the puppy trade.

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