Troubador Saving Maya

Released: 28/09/2016

eISBN: 9781785897153

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Saving Maya


This delightful new children’s book, Saving Maya, is perfect for readers aged 8 and above. It tells the story of two dogs who are destined to become sisters. An uplifting tale, based on a true-life story, not only introduces young readers to pet rescue and adoption, but also educates children about the cruel reality of today’s puppy trade, where dogs are confined in farms to produce puppies. Readers first meet Willow, a much-loved family pet living a happy normal life with Patsy. One day, Patsy decides to get Willow a sister but, she soon finds out that something is not right; she discovers that many of the puppies she admires come from awful places: puppy farms! Maya is one of those dogs. She's stuck in a filthy, dark barn and has been there her whole life. When readers first meet Maya, she’s in a terrible state and fears her life is nearly over. However, rescue comes and readers follow Maya’s journey to a place of safety, where for the first time in her life, she experiences kindness and eventually finds herself living with Willow and Patsy. This tale of courage and survival will appeal to children who enjoy tales about animals. Saving Maya can also be used in the classroom to educate children on the ethics of animal cruelty.

We'll be launching 'Saving Maya' on 3 July at the DBARC Fun Day, Hurst, Berkshire RG10 0RR. Both Annabel & Janetta will there all day from 10am. Come and meet us both and the dogs who have inspired us.
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Janetta Harvey

I'm an author and campaigner against the puppy trade, which is often called puppy farming. I live some of the time in England with my husband, Michel and other times we can be found in south-west France. Wherever we are, our dogs are too: Renae, Twinkle and Cerise, three miniature schnauzers, three very different characters. Cerise and Twinkle are both survivors of the brutal puppy breeding industry. Our first rescued ex-breeding dog, Susie-Belle was, and remains the inspiration for my books and writing; she died in November 2015 after being with us for four years.

Like other breeding dogs, ours lived an existence many humans won’t bear to think about given a chance. But their terrible past lies behind them these days and they’ve gone from having no home at all beyond a patch of concrete in a barn, to having two comfortable homes: one in England, a second in France. Life cannot get any better for these dogs and they have more than earned that pleasure.

I share our lives together in my writing and books with the aim of inspiring others to rescue dogs like them, and to join the campaign to end the cruel puppy industry.

In addition to my books and blog, I also regularly contribute to other publications to continue spreading the word about the puppy trade.

Janetta & Susie-Belle

Maya's wise words
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