Troubador Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890550

Format: Paperback

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Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast


Before William James Hanna leaves to fight in the Second World War, he gives his young daughter Sandra the task of looking after her younger brother Billy. Sandra takes this commission on, but in doing so, has to survive being bombed and strafed by the Nazis, being burnt and drowned, and on top of all that, even has to deal with her hair turning green! Amidst the seriousness of war, her story is filled with gems, like ducks with wooden legs, Irish nuns hiding butter, a donkey sitting in front of the fire like a part of the family, and many other stories that are both funny and heartwarming. Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast is the true story of Darrin Wedlock’s mother. It is not only a book about family, caring, loyalty and goodness, but ultimately, is a story of a little girl with green hair, who went on to accomplish one of the most important roles in life, being a great Mother. Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast will appeal to those looking for an uplifting, sometimes poignant and often humorous tale.

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Darrin Wedlock

Darrin Wedlock currently resides in Dunedin, New Zealand. Like his Mother Sandra, Darrin is a painter and enjoys a good laugh. Having just visited Northern Ireland to see extended family earlier in the year, and to see where his Mother grew up, he now proudly considers Ireland his second home. He is currently writing a follow up book to 'Sandra and the Flying Elephants of Belfast' and also plans to finish his Theology degree.

Darrin Wedlock

Darrin in Belfast
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