Troubador River Baker and the Warriors of Rala

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015270

Format: Paperback

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River Baker and the Warriors of Rala


The prospect of a weekend at her grandparents’ house seems painfully boring to eleven-year-old River Baker. Boring, that is, until she finds the key to the forbidden room of her Great Auntie Violet. Rebellious River dares to enter the room, closely followed by her goody-two-shoes twin sister, Kit. But while the girls are exploring, they unwittingly open a portal to the secret world of RALA.  

River and Kit enter RALA at a time of turmoil – a giant called Eleon has stolen a powerful crystal that allows those who possess it to travel between worlds. And when Eleon kidnaps Kit, River must spring into action to save her sister. River seeks help from the Warriors of RALA, who reveal that Great Auntie Violet was a Warrior Princess who had been travelling to RALA before her disappearance fifty-six years ago. 

With the help of the Warriors, River discovers she has a special power and that she too is a Warrior Princess just like her mysterious auntie. All she has to do is learn to trust and believe in herself and she can face the challenges that lie ahead. Will River be successful in her quest to stop Eleon, save RALA and return home?

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