Troubador Ride a Bright Horse

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838592752

eISBN: 9781838598396

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Ride a Bright Horse


Jenny has always wanted to ride but has always been very nervous about doing so. However, today’s the day and she approaches the horse chosen for her with a stomach full of butterflies – and finds, to her delight, a kindred spirit in Daisy.

Daisy is a mischievous horse, full of quirky charm and ready to teach Jenny that the bond between a girl and her horse is unlike anything she could imagine. Without ideas about what horses should do, Jenny allows Daisy to be a free spirit, and as Jenny encourages Daisy to learn new skills, Daisy becomes both pupil and teacher and Jenny’s confidence and ability to ride improves. 

With only their instincts and deepening bond to guide them, this pair are about to embark upon the friendship of a lifetime. Ride a Bright Horse portrays the fun and affection, laughter and tears, and harmony of spirit between a rider and a horse, as they share a most unusual journey.

A warm welcome to all my readers!

I hope you enjoy reading about the things which Daisy did.

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What a lovely read! Having met the one and only Daisy in person I can safely say Jennifer has captured her personality perfectly. This book is an ideal read for any pony mad children or young adults who are taking their first steps into the wide world of equestrianism. It encapsulates the journey many of us take from anxious novices, finding our inner confidence through the harmony between horse and rider.

by Helen

I think it is a lovely story of an incredible bond between horse and rider.
I love how it built up from Jenny being nervous to absolutely adoring Daisy and riding all the time,
and it shows how that confidence developed.

by Alice Morgan

I’m sitting in lovely spring sunshine and literally just finished Ride A Bright Horse. I feel totally compelled to write and say how wonderful, empathetic and beautifully written it is.

It’s a fabulous story and many people, including myself, who have lived for the hours spent as child or later in life with the horse they love, will be captured by it I’m sure.

Thank you so much and I can’t wait for the next chapter in your life together!

by Lindsay Cotterell

A lovely story about courage, and the courage to trust the intuition of a wonderful four legged friend.
More than just a story of horse and rider.
A wonderfully easy read with a happy ending that makes the reader feel warm inside.
Thank you Jenny!

by Dee Maddox-Hinton

The escapades and adventures of a novice rider and her mischievous horse are vividly retold in this funny and heartwarming novel. Based on her own riding experience, the partnership and understanding that steadily grows between Jenny and her horse, Daisy, is quite extraordinary, and very special. This book is a joy to read.


by Jane Sheppard

A thoroughly enjoyable, easy read. I would recommend this book to anyone !

by Sarah

Lovely read. Obvious love and passion is displayed between best friends Jenni and daisy. A book for everyone wishing to venture out on a horse!

by Abigail Cross

I enjoyed reading this book and found it a real page turner. Would definitley recommend, and will be looking for more by this author
Thank you

by Douglas

Jennifer Dovey

Jennifer Dovey was raised in a sleepy village in Wiltshire. She has now retired and lives on a hilltop in deeply rural South West France with her husband. Her love of the countryside and fond memories of the irresistible charm of her mischievous horse Daisy have inspired her first novel.

The author Jennifer Dovey, with Daisy, the star of Ride A Bright Horse

Daisy enjoying a workout in school with our friend Sally.
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