Troubador Rain Town 2

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803130781

eISBN: 9781803138831

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Rain Town 2

Return of the Raven


"Dark skies loom large over Shigbeth Town and brave and valiant heroes have never been more needed. Sidney Rain and his Justice League will once more have to take to the streets to hunt the thief terrorising the neighbourhood, whilst his son Stanley Rain and his pals struggle to fight a growing tyranny at school. The boys and girls are back in Town."

Dark skies loom large over Shigbeth Town and brave, valiant heroes have never been more needed. In this sequel to ‘Rain Town’, the three unlikely and comically ordinary heroes of the Shigbeth Justice League unite again to fight a criminal bringing misery to the local neighbourhood. Delivery van driver and single Dad, Sidney Rain once again dons his wellies, cape, and bird mask to become the nocturnal crime fighting ‘Raven’ enlisting the help of his two best friends to join forces and keep the local community safe from harm. Meanwhile, his son Stanley and his friends join together to stop the evil Hardy Brothers, Reggie and Ronnie and bring their reign of terror at school to an end. The boys and girls are back in town.

Rain Town 2: Return of the Raven is a thrilling and hilarious adventure story with unforgettable characters which will make children and their parents laugh out loud throughout. At the same time, it also touches on moral issues and friendships in everyday life; something that will be memorable for readers rather than be forgotten as soon as it is put down.

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Andy Donaldson

Writer of Rain Town.

Delivering History lessons by day and writing during spare time at night.

The second in the series is now finished too...

Andy Donaldson

"This one has a villain called Nigel in it too..."
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