Troubador Practical Skills for Physics A-level

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789017786

Format: Paperback

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Practical Skills for Physics A-level

Practice Exercises


This book contains over a thousand practice questions with full worked solutions, to allow you to practice each practical skill separately and gradually build up to answering exam-style questions. It also contains 100 exam-style multiple choice and 10 exam-style long answer questions, also with full worked solutions.

Practical Skills for Physics A-level: Practice Exercises accompanies Practical Skills for Physics A-level: Study Companion. These books are intended to give you the resources you need to work independently, building up the ability to answer practical skills questions confidently, quickly and accurately. If you have the drive, here is a nice, friendly book to let you work your way to success.

All three exam boards say that at least 15% of the marks on written exams will relate to practical work. Make sure those marks are in the bag by mastering practical skills!

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