Troubador Peginoor

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785892950

Format: Paperback

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Land of the Lost


This is the story of a secret land called Peginoor, the land that lost objects travel to. Sometimes these objects are called to go because they are needed there, but sometimes they choose to go themselves because they feel unloved. Whilst staying with their grandparents, brother and sister Jack and Marcie find a strange code hidden on their grandad’s allotment. This is the start of a fantastic journey which eventually leads them to the secret land of Peginoor itself. Peginoor turns out to be an amazing place filled with mystery, wisdom and resourcefulness – but is also a land where goodness and common sense are threatened by dark forces. Without realising it, the children find themselves in the midst of a battle, as it gradually starts to dawn on them that Peginoor is holding them both captive until they have found the object they’re searching for... Peginoor is a story of surprises, bravery and learning. It will appeal to independent readers aged 9-11, or will suit being read aloud to children aged 7+.

My book Peginoor is a story based on the moral behaviour of humans and the ever increasing materialistic world we live in. In a wasteful throw-away society we become conditioned and oblivious to accepting situations which not only damage our environment, but also our thought processes and spiritual contentment. Positive change starts with the children, and this story is an example of how to begin that change.

The front cover illustration was done by Tom Charlesworth.
This may be my very first book, but it definitely isn't my last :)

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Nanna Lambert

I have produced my first book Peginoor. There has to be a beginning for everything, but hopefully the journey will be interesting and fulfilling. I hope the young readers enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.


The beginning
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