Troubador Peggy

Released: 28/11/2016

eISBN: 9781785898310

Format: eBook

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Peggy the flying pony – a descendent of Pegasus – is given to a young girl by Zeus himself... Susan is a schoolgirl who loves ponies but doesn’t have one of her own because her Father can’t afford to buy her one. The day before her birthday, she goes for a country walk and encounters the Greek god Zeus in the woodland. He presents her with a winged pony, called Peggy – a descendant of Pegasus. Her wings can magically be made to disappear and she understands every word spoken to her. Susan is overjoyed but is aware that she needs to keep Peggy’s wings secret. Zeus gives her a letter to show to her parents that it’s a genuine gift and Susan sets off home with her new friend. Her attempts to hide Peggy’s retractable wings produce slapstick-style comedy and she is helped by the local farmer’s son Mickey, in whom she confides about Zeus’ gift. Unfortunately, her secret is discovered by an eccentric villain who wants Peggy for himself... “Years ago I provided an illustration of a jockey to Horse and Hounds, and reading through the printed magazine was inspired by teenagers’ love of ponies.?I forgot all about it until I found the issue this year – which led me to write Peggy!”?comments Bill, on the catalyst for his novel being born. He also takes inspiration from Enid Bagnold’s National Velvet.

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