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Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620554

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Out of Time 3

The Cistercian Conspiracy


The third book in the ‘Out of Time’ series, which pitches a bunch of modern-day youngsters against the secrets of the past. It started as normal day, but ended by throwing Rob headlong into the past, where he becomes entwined in the quest to save an ancient chalice. He is plunged into the midst of an adventure that he neither wants nor understands. Although he doesn’t want to believe it, he cannot deny the evidence of his own eyes. Rob witnesses past events and meets a young boy from the 1930s, who seems very familiar to him, the monk John Stell and the first mayor of Barrow, Sir James Ramsden. 

Help comes from strange places and Rob begins to realise the true value of family. He is faced with deadly adversaries from the present and the past. He soon discovers that his fate and future and that of his family are in peril if he cannot rescue the sacred chalice from the evil creatures that have beset him. The past becomes unstable and evil is able to take the advantage. Rob unites with his siblings to save the abbey treasure and they engage in a crucial race against time! 

This engrossing children’s and young adult crossover fantasy novel is set in Furness Abbey in 2005, but with time slips to previous eras. Out of Time: The Cistercian Conspiracy is suitable for all readers aged 9 and above.

Her first book "Out of Time:The Secret of the Swan" has been a best seller in her local Waterstone's and she continues to visit schools and bookshops throughout the year.

The Out of Time series is a historical fantasy story and is woven around real events and people. The central focus is Furness Abbey which provides a suitably mysterious backdrop to the adventures. The characters find themselves in a race against time and up against formidable adversaries who seek the same lost abbey treasures that they are charged with protecting.

A book for younger children is also available called "Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle" which explores friendship.

A brilliant story that draws you in from the start. Well drawn characters that you can identify with and vivid descriptions of the area mean that younger readers can really immerse themselves in the adventure. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes history, mystery adventures from age 9 to 90. Can't wait for the next book! SATAY

I bought this book as I have a love for anything to do with Furness Abbey. Although it is a book for children I really enjoyed spending a few moments reading it and enjoying all the lovely illustrations with in it. If you have young kids I would definitely recommend this book for them, especially if you know and visit Furness Abbey! Once you've read the book and next visit the abbey I'm sure you will be looking around to see if you can see Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle sitting somewhere on the ruins. I know I will be! As I say in the title of this review, a great book for children!

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Westmorland Gazette

Enjoyed reading this book as much as the previous two. Although suitable for age 9 and above, I, at 70 plus have been intrigued by the research Gill has done on the history of the furness area. I have lived here all my life, and learned things i had not known. Local children especially would enjoy reading these books being able to recognise some aspects of the town they are growing up in while becoming embroiled in the adventures the children in this book do.My grandson and greatgrandson have read the first two books and each getting this one in their Christmas Stockings. Looking forward to the next one.

by Sheila Batty

Another top quality read for all lovers of history mystery and mayhem! Author Gill Jepson writes with an authentic knowledge of the buildings, byways and legends of the Furness area, particularly Furness Abbey, around which the story unfolds. This is the third book in the Out of Time series, and once again features the young people we are now quite familiar with- Nate, Rebecca and their older brother Rob around whom this tale revolves..(Unless you consider the Abbey itself as a character which is entirely feasible. Its’ majestic and brooding walls laying witness to secret acts of treachery over the centuries…) Characters we earlier met in books one and two appear once more. The strange and frightening Mr Dixon and his cohorts appear again and this time appear even more desperate and menacing in their ambition to own the mysterious Chalice. George, or “Titch” the children’s friend (and who, as it transpires, is also a very special and close relative from a different time) pops up again in his cheery and time-honoured way, helping the teens with their quest to save the Chalice. The scary and menacing ravens which appear silently and appear to be watching and waiting..for..what? And the mystical and wise John Stell .who again appears as a beacon of light and hope and is a key to the secrets surrounding the Abbey and artifacts discovered by the children. We are introduced to James Ramsden (a figure immortalised as a bronze statue you can see today in Ramsden square in Barrow-in- Furness) -an early pioneer of the Furness railway, to whom we owe a great vote of thanks for not demolishing the Abbey to make way for the railway –and for diverting it’s route through a tunnel next to the Abbey grounds, rather than cutting a sway right through the middle of it! Such were the economic considerations of the time. This, and similar incidentals of the Furness story are alluded to in such a way that the reader absorbs a great deal of interesting historical fact while following the adventures that befall young Rob. There are the usual family interactions, Rob and his siblings are down to earth kids from a normal Barrow home, with the usual sibling rivalries and 21st century values and attitudes, some of which are contrasted humourously when they meet up with their nineteenth century friends We are treated to descriptions of the town and how it was in days gone by, with references to current day buildings and places (the Concle at Rampside, St George’s Church, the ”Smithy” fish and chip shop -but formerly the blacksmiths, Aldingham church, Abbotts Wood, the home of sir James Ramsden.. now no longer standing unfortunately but still part of the Barrow and Furness embedded collective memory. And of course The Abbey itself, standing sentinel over the centuries and omnipresent throughout this tale)
The book continues the themes first introduced in books one and two, with Rob’s siblings who had also both (at different times) experienced the shifts in time, becoming reluctant time travellers, until their involvement in the quest to save the Chalice and the discovery of old and new friends and fellow adventurers, compels the young people in this latest thrilling chase to save the treasure and in so doing to to save their family which had become imperilled by the evil powers released.
An interesting well-paced and lively read, I can recommend this book either as a stand alone story, or as the third in the Out of Time series. The connections made with people from the past and the influence and power of sacred artefacts are touched upon in this tale of good versus evil, time travel and adventure. The historical detail will delight many readers, who, whether local or from overseas, will be fascinated by the wealth of legend and mystery surrounding many of Britain’s ancient and mysterious ruins. Aimed at a younger readership, nonetheless this book will be enjoyed by teens and adults alike, an enjoyable time travelling journey for all who read within!
Verna Sabi Feb 2015

by verna sabi

Just as enthralling as the other two. Children and adults alike would love this book.
If you live in, or know, the Barrow-in-Furness area this book is even more exciting as you know the areas, streets and the history that are bought to life so vividly in these three stories.

by Sue M

The Cistercian Conspiracy is the third book in Gill Jepson’s Out of Time series. Again, the setting for the book is Barrow-in-Furness and its surrounding area. Our focal character for this book is Rob, older brother of Nate from Raven’s Hoard and Rebecca from The Secret of the Swan. This has to be my favourite of the series so far, the feel of the book has taken a darker and more sinister turn yet stays in the realm of not being too frightening for younger readers. Although you could enjoy this book as a standalone title, most benefit will be reaped from reading as part of the entire series, as the threads of the overall story arc are now coming together. As I read aloud to my children (9 &11) they often remarked to events from the previous books, revelling in their sleuthing abilities! I liked the pace of the book which moved along at an exciting, action filled speed and kept you turning the pages to find out what happens. I often felt as if I was being thrown from one time to another myself. Gill Jepsons' writing conjures the past in a vivid way, making you feel as though you are seeing the history with your own eyes. We are lucky to be local to where the books are set and know many of the places mentioned well, we have also hunted the Abbey itself for ‘Out of Time’ landmarks. I found this really brought the book alive for my two 9 (and me!). If you do ever find yourself in the Lake District, an Out of Time day will be one well spent! We are now (im)patiently waiting for the next instalment.

by Karen Allanson

Gill Jepson

Gill Jepson is children's author and Patron of Reading for three schools in the Furness area of Cumbria. She is passionate about learning and loves her role as an educator.

She lives in Barrow-in Furness,Cumbria, moving back after spending twelve years in London. She is married and has three grown up children and two young grandsons.

She has always written for her own pleasure and is an avid reader of historical and fantasy fiction. Her abiding passion is history; especially local and family history. Out of Time was her debut children’s fantasy novel and is the first of four stories set in the Furness area. Out of Time 2 Raven's Hoard and Out of Time 3 The Cistercian Conspiracy and a book for younger children-Guy the Grumpy Gargoyle is also available.

Gill Jepson is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and is a teacher with many years experience. She is committed to encouraging children's reading and writing and uses her skills to provide workshops and book events for schools.

Gill Jepson

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