Troubador Noosum Foosum

Released: 01/01/2013

ISBN: 9781780883601

Format: Paperback

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Noosum Foosum


“It’s a cold winter’s evening. Snow falls silently outside, whilst the children cradle their hot chocolate. A fire crackles in the grate and fills the room with its warmth. The children look up at the storyteller expectantly and their faces light up when they see the two words they had scarcely dared hope for on the book’s cover: 
Noosum Foosum.”

Noosum Foosum tells the story of Katie and Danny, who discover a secret path through the woods near their home.  At the path’s end they find a stream, and there, resting on the water, they notice a tiny toy boat. As the children examine the boat more and more closely, it becomes obvious to them that this is no ordinary toy boat. And they are right. Because this boat is special. Very special indeed. Because this boat belongs to none other than Noosum Foosum! Noosum Foosum – the fabled engineer and inventor, whose name is legend, whom no-one has met ever before. 

The children long to explore the boat and meet its owner - but how can they when it's so small? Fortunately for them, they have chanced upon a world that is also inhabited by a friendly dragon, a dragon with the power to grant wishes, even their wish to be small enough to board a tiny boat...

Children aged 5 to 10 years will love this miniature world that J. M. Harris has created, where the science and inventions of our eponymous hero take Katie and Danny on a host of adventures that will captivate them like no other.

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Engineering & Technology

I thought this book was really good because the story was very exciting and made me keep on reading. I can't wait to read the next one!

by Tabi

The boys and I have just finished reading this together. Such a wonderful gentle story with the right elements of dragons, inventions and adventures. I liked the science lessons by the back door approach while the boys enjoyed the funny adventures. The magic shrinking of Katie and Danny to fit Noosum Foosum’s small boat gave the book a ‘Magic Faraway Tree’ feel to it.

by See Mendus Harris books

J. M. Harris

Jon Harris is the author of the exciting new Noosum Foosum stories. He lives in rural Oxfordshire, England with his wife and two children. Educated in England and with a Master’s degree in electronic engineering, he works as a chartered engineer. His scientific background has been married with his love of storytelling in this, his first book. He hopes that your children enjoy it as much as his own.

Jon Harris

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