Troubador New World’s Gear

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838594794

eISBN: 9781838596163

Format: Paperback/eBook

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New World’s Gear


Atlas is no ordinary planetary system. For decades, it has been kept free of villainy by a pantheon of deities. Heroic individuals who changed life for the better are literally immortalised; through the power of the mysterious metal known as divinite. They are gifted with powers and undying bodies sustained by the faith of mortals. These deities thought themselves invincible. And they were, until twelve-years-ago when the Stygir first appeared. This cryptic warrior race waged the most devastating war Atlas had seen. And the solution now threatens to breed conflict between the system’s four races.

Bob Solis is an ordinary human boy in this chaotic epoch. Having spent his entire life in a shelter, he wants to be seen as something other than a liability. When a program opens to recruit new possible deities, he seizes this chance to be one who protects instead of one who is protected. He has no idea that during his training, a series of events will lead to him embark on the most dangerous venture of his life. In this new world of conflict, tension and scheming, a boy must become a warrior, or watch his system suffer a fate worse than anything he could imagine...

I've started work on the sequel to New World's Gear, called New World's Gear: Transcendece. This book will delve deep into the characters and their world, and flesh out things from the first book I probably should've spent more time on.

The New World's Gear series is only the start of what I have in store though. Along with my best friend Ben Miles, I've planned out a literary universe called Universal Scale, of which New World's Gear is a part of. It will have many series which can stand alone, but also link together to form something greater, like pieces of a puzzle. Expect everything from epic sagas to comedic stand-alones to the gradual buildup of in-depth lore as you embark on adventures all over the multiverse.

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Seb D Law

I'm Seb D Law, a 17 year old boy from England. My dream is to become a first-class author and move to Japan. I still have a long way to go, but I'll definitely make it. I first started writing stories when I was 3- either fanfictions for my favourite series or adventures for my toys to go on- but I only considered becoming an author when I was 10. My primary school had a visit from Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, the guys who made the amazing Edge Chronicles; seeing these 2 legends talk about their work made me realise this was the job for me. After another 2 years of juggling story ideas, I began writing my first book, New World's Gear. But then I hit the worst moment in my life. I got depression from a variety of terrible things all happening at once, and took my insecurities out on other people. I hated myself, and began to change. Eventually, I managed to break my chains as well as the ones I had cast on others. When I was 16, I finished writing New World's Gear. More importantly, I had become a me I was proud of being, a me who never gives up and faces his problems head-on. And I'll keep on striving forwards, to become a better author and a better person.

I have a lot of interests, WAY too many to name, but the main ones are Japanese culture, anime, Lego Bionicle, music and marine life. I like collecting things and have a lot of different hobbies- it's kind of hard to balance them with book writing and schoolwork, but I'll manage somehow! I'm not religious, but I adhere to a code of honour and follow Sith teachings from Star Wars. If you haven't realised by now, I'm a massive nerd and I'm proud of it. To all my fellow nerds, please check out my books and get ready for the action-packed multiverse that's about to hit the literary world!

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