Troubador My Football Diary - by William Shakespeare

Released: 13/11/2020

eISBN: 9781800467781

Format: eBook

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My Football Diary - by William Shakespeare


Thirteen year-old William Shakespeare is a brilliant footballer and dreams of becoming a professional player.  He’s also a deep thinking and sensitive soul who loves to write.  His best friend, an Afro-Caribbean girl, has a similar dilemma; she loves acting and football but in 1577 England, girls aren’t allowed to do either!  
Unlike all his other friends in Stratford upon Avon, who support nearby Warwick, Shakespeare supports a London side because his idol, the Dane, Magnus Christensen plays for them.  London is at the forefront of the exciting worlds of advertising, branding and marketing which are revolutionising sports and entertainment - and Magnus is at the centre of it all.

Shakespeare’s other idol and mentor is his tutor, Mr Beaufort. Mr Beaufort would do anything for the brightest pupil he ever had, and loves inspiring Shakespeare with English, Drama, History, and Football History lessons.  He even told William’s class that Henry VIII was buried with a pair of his football boots!

My Football Diary by William Shakespeare reveals the extraordinary and hitherto unknown story of the boy that became a legend. Giving us glimpses of his unmistakable literary style and unique turn of phrase, it's a tale even more amazing than any of his plays! 

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