Troubador Missing Dad 6: Ransom

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463578

eISBN: 9781800469105

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Missing Dad 6: Ransom


In Missing Dad: Ransom (Book 6 in the series), an escaped criminal from Joe’s father’s past threatens his life – and Joe and his mates take the fight to the enemy. So they steal a consignment of cocaine from under the noses of the smugglers by swimming beneath the hull of the ship where it is attached; sending it swimming straight into the arms of Marseille customs officials. And escaping alive – just!  

In Antibes, a heroin-manufacturing bunker is busted, thanks to the hacking skills of Joe’s half-Italian cousin Tommaso. Then Tommaso goes one better and hacks the Kremlin. Which leads to the daring hijack of a remote-controlled Russian ship carrying an illegal cargo of deadly hypersonic Zircon cruise missiles. The youngsters nearly pay for this with their lives in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.

Meanwhile Joe’s father, impatient to deal with his pursuers, leaves a place of safety and is captured by the deadly Italian Camorra. The chilling deal they want is – Tommaso, who grew up with the Camorra, returns to them to take up active service again. His hacking skills are what they want in order to plunder container ships coming into the ports of Naples and Marseille. But Tommaso turns the tables by hacking the Camorra’s links to a Colombian drug baron. And when this deadly game involves hijacking the drug baron’s nuclear submarine packed with 200 tonnes of cocaine and spiriting it away from South America via the Arctic Circle, it’s all to play for.

The banner is up with the November 28 launch date, outside the Gloucester school whose youngsters provided the inspiration for MISSING DAD. The St Peter's Jazz Band are practising Bond themes. Missing Dad hoodies are going down well with the launch team. And the race car simulators are all set to keep the action fast and furious on that Saturday afternoon. Hope you can join us! (For sat nav, the school's postcode is GL4 0DD.)

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Jane Ryan

I never thought I'd write a teen spy thriller. I sort of fell into writing ads and websites for the motor industry. What's not to like about driving an all-new Jaguar round a test track at terrifying speeds? But I knew this wasn't REAL writing.

Then I quit the advertising world and went to work as a teaching assistant in St Peter's High School, Gloucester. As I got to know the teenagers I worked with, I was blown away by their courage in very difficult situations. There were some who were in foster care, some who were caring for their own single parent and others who had lost a sibling. Yet even though these young people had been dealt such a bad hand, they got on with their lives, and their mates really looked out for them.

It was these twin themes of courage when something is deeply wrong with your life, and looking out for your mates, that inspired the MISSING DAD series. These amazing teenagers should be celebrated - and now we can!

BREAKING NEWS: The MISSING DAD launch party will be on Saturday 28 November, 3.00pm to 5.00pm, at St Peter's RC High School, Stroud Road, Tuffley, Gloucester GL4 0DD. At the school where MISSING DAD all began, there will be the amazing St Peter's Jazz Band and two race car simulators to keep the action fast and furious. Refreshments - soft drinks and cupcakes. Plus the paperback will still be on special offer right up to and including the 28 November - so order yours now from the Troubador website!

J Ryan

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