Troubador Miss Winter's Demise and Other Crimes Against Poetry

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788038829

Format: Paperback

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Miss Winter's Demise and Other Crimes Against Poetry


Miss Winter’s Demise and Other Crimes Against Poetry is the debut collection of poems from Paul Minton exploring a wide range of themes and subjects. The book contains poems about strange things like a dog with too many legs, a boy who turns into a bird and even superheroes armed with the powers of bad breath and dandruff. There are rhymes about flying farm animals, extremely polite pirates and a newspaper especially for ghosts. And then there is the curious tale of Miss Winter’s demise in which the mystery of her spontaneous combustion is finally explained... Or is it? Written in a quirky and humorous style, Miss Winter’s Demise and Other Crimes Against Poetry also contains a number of illustrations that will help to fire the reader’s imagination. Each poem rhymes and concludes with a surprising twist or comic punchline. Inspired by the work of Spike Milligan and comparable to that of Kenn Nesbitt and Shel Silverstein, Paul’s debut book will appeal to young readers aged 9 and over, as well as adult readers with a good sense of humour.

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This is such a beautiful and funny book. A quick read. This illustrations are lovely. It puts a smile on your face.

by Hadiyah Ali

Never judge a book by its cover, that is what they say.
But when it comes to this, do it anyway.
It’s as delightful as it looks, in every single way,
I only wish miss winters lived to see another day!

I adored this little book. Great read for all ages. A lot of fun for Mum, dad and the little ones!

by Katie Strachan

This is a very interesting poetry book. Since children almost always tend not to read poetry this is a different way of introducing it to them.
There are various poems with different subjects. Some are funny, some are scary, but at the end, they all are written with good quality.
The drawings that sometimes accompany the poems are fun and makes the book lighter for children.

by NetGalley review

An adorably illustrated and written children's collection that is very useful for teachers.

by Rogene Carter

Clever is the first word that comes to mind for this collection, as well as cute. I don't usually use the word cute to describe much, especially books, but it kind of fits here. Miss Winter's Demise is full of catchy and memorable verses, matched up with images.

I enjoyed this book as a reader, but would also love to use it as a teacher. I can see a wide range of readers (and students) enjoying Minton's book cover to cover.

by JD DeHart

I enjoyed this book of silly, nonsensical, and irreverent poems. It is so reminiscent of Edward Lear's limericks. A fun and entertaining read.

by Anita Cheah

Ah, this book! I can just imagine reading it out loud to a group of kids. All of the poems were very funny and tongue-in-cheek and just made me smile. So so whimsical. I loved it.

by Colleen McKie (via NetGalley)

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