Troubador Mind Set

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594930

eISBN: 9781838596156

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Mind Set


If your inner voice became louder, would you listen to it?

Lexa Price is a twenty-something, transgender, drama student, who is about to have the worst day of her life. After killing a mugger in self-defence, her world crumbles and she begins to see another version of herself, called Charlie. At first Charlie claims that she only wants to help Lexa be the best possible version of herself, but Charlie’s real motivations become clearer – to have a bigger if not absolute control over the body she is convinced rightfully belongs to her.

To fight back, Lexa will be pushed to her limits…

Immerse yourself in a story about the complex issues of the human mind.

My first book Mind Set, is now available for purchase on this store and many others. Mind Set is a LGBT Psychological Horror novel about a transgender girl named Lexa, and her dark alter ego, Charlie.

I am currently working on another book, with a separate story from my last one.

Mystery People/ Promoting Crime

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LW Jones

Luke Waters Jones AKA LW Jones, is a British writer from Manchester. Ever since he was a young he has had a love of anything and everything alternative. After writing stories and scripts for his peers to perform at his college, Luke felt ready to create a full novel.

( Yes I am aware that the picture is side ways.)

Young Ambitious Emo Writer. ( Tilt your head to the side.)

Mind Set (old cover).
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