Troubador Mighty Minds

Released: 28/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788031103

Format: eBook

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Mighty Minds


Meet the Mighty Minds team – Liam, Harry, Ollie, Annabel, Chin, Dominic, Yusef and, of course, Liam’s ever- loyal black Labrador puppy Jack – a team destined for a truly mighty adventure.

Liam and his friends are transported to a place where dreams become reality. Liam’s dream is not too dissimilar from that of many other aspiring boys of his age. Liam wants to be the best he can be, he wants to be the world’s greatest footballer. Who is the magical character that appears to them? What will they learn in this mysterious place called the higher pitch? It is indeed the World’s Greatest Footballer and he will teach them the secrets to playing the most wonderful and beautiful game. A secret that will make the Mighty Minds team truly mightier than they could ever imagine. It comes complete with the trickiest tricks, talking footballs, flying eagles, roaring tigers – together with the power of breathing and the power of believing.

Is it all a dream? Or is their adventure as real as it seems? With a bump and bounce they land feet first into their first real game having learnt the first lesson in the greatest game on earth.

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