Troubador McDragon

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788032643

Format: Paperback

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McDragon is a fantasy tale for children age 7 and over, which tells the story of Peter as he overcomes the taunts of the school bully. It’s the day before the summer holiday, which means Peter will soon be free from bullying for 6 whole weeks. He and his family venture to the Isle of Harris to a remote cottage by a small beach to spend their holiday. There, Peter finds himself strangely drawn to some rocks on the shore that look just like a dragon. He climbs them so that he can pretend he is flying and is shocked when the rocks melt away and a magnificent black dragon emerges and speaks to him! McDragon has been waiting for the arrival of ‘Petersmith’ because the dragon seer has foretold that ‘Petersmith’ will find what has been stolen from the dragons. Peter accepts the challenge to help save the dragons from extinction and despite feeling that he is not really up to the task – after all, the school bully has branded him a cripple for as long as he can remember – he encounters some amazing creatures while on his quest, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Isle of Harris with his family. McDragon is an exciting read involving fabulous dragons, a young bullied boy, scary and mystical creatures like gargoyles and wizards, and it is all based in the beautiful, magical Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. This book will appeal to children who enjoy fantasy novels, and specifically the work of Christopher Paolini.

Pleased to announce that the third book in the McDragon series if now available./ It's called McFinnia and as with the other books in the series is set on the magical Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

Lovely book, well written, my 9 year old declared it 'Best Book Ever!' and handed it to his 6 year old brother, who is devouring it nightly!

by Yen Rickeard

5 * from me, smashing story, wonderful characters, just scary enough for young readers. Give us more like this!

by Yen Rickeard

Pam Howard

I live in the beautiful Chilterns where my large labradoodle and I are often out and about dragon hunting. Sometimes we let my husband come along too.

Stories have filled my head for most of my life and its thrilling to finally be able to share them.

Pleased to meet you!

My dragon muse!
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