Troubador Letters from the What-Went-Before

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591205

Format: Paperback

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Letters from the What-Went-Before


Another brutal beating. Another trip to A&E. 

This time, a social worker alerts the authorities and Abby’s teenage life gets turned upside down. The woman she thought had died at her birth – is alive – and now is taking her home. 

One year later, a step-dad gets added to the family unit and this latest relationship takes its toll. Lost, Abby tries to escape by moving to London but locking the door to the past is never easy, even with the help of her long-time gay best friend Joshua and Instagram icon, Luna. That is, until she meets someone. Jay, a puzzle she can’t figure out and yet the simplest answer to a question she’s been asking herself for years. Finally she might have the reason she started suffering in the first place.

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Stefanie Sybens

Stefanie Sybens graduated from the University of Antwerp with a BA in Arts and Linguistics and an additional certificate in modern Hebrew. She has been working as a content specialist since 2015 for companies such as ASOS and Netflix.

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