Troubador Keep Her Safe

Released: 01/08/2011

eISBN: 9781848768741

Format: eBook

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Keep Her Safe


Thirteen year-olds Nikki, Nathan and Lyle are camping and exploring on the tranquil island of Skye when, in the darkness of a prehistoric underground chamber, Nikki encounters an inhuman screaming face. The teens follow this strange, clothed creature as it flees on two short legs. When cornered it becomes aggressive then fearful. Nikki soon discovers that it can understand, but not talk. Unable to abandon the lost and vulnerable child-like creature, the teens try to find out where it belongs, and what it is.

They discover that the creature is named Cheeka who is the result of an illegal cloning experiment, and their decision to help her puts them in grave danger as she is being pursued by a ruthless hit-man, the Inflictor, hired by her evil creators to capture her dead or alive. Cheeka is playful and innocent, yet stubbornly determined and has her own way of doing things. Nikki suspects that she has healing powers and observes her mysterious link with the natural world. Nikki and Cheeka are drawn ever closer, forming a strong bond, as the friends chase survival through fog, fire and even kidnapping. Nikki ponders what kind of people could wish Cheeka harm and just how long could they evade the Inflictor before their luck runs out.

Keep Her Safe is an unusual adventure thriller for readers aged 10+, which introduces themes and ethics of genetic engineering to a young teen audience.

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