Troubador Jungle Jim and the Shadow of Kinalabu

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624972

eISBN: 9781784626402

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Jungle Jim and the Shadow of Kinalabu


‘Jungle’ Jim swings into action in his first exciting adventure, as the superpowered simian tries to shed some light on the mysterious Shadows of Kinabalu. In this hilarious modern spin on the timeless werewolf myth, young ice-hockey star, ‘Jungle’ Jim Regent travels to Borneo looking for lost love and adventure, getting more than he bargained for after he is cursed by a tribe of mysterious Iban Headhunters. Now, whenever the moon turns orange, he transforms into an eight-foot-tall, walking, talking orangutan! He’s not a werewolf, he’s a werangutan. He’s not a monster, but an Ancient Protector of Borneo – and the world beyond. The cursed Jim now finds himself living the double life of a superhero as he battles the forces of the Shadow Emperor, an evil overlord who has been dragged into our universe by the reckless Dark Matter experiments of the mad scientist Doctor Gila. These diabolical villains command their army of Dark Matter Shadows from the ruins of a top-secret US government laboratory buried deep beneath the mighty Mount Kinabalu. But Jim is not alone in his battle against the darkness. Fighting alongside him is an oddball group of friends and colleagues: Rufus McFly, a young academic whose expert knowledge of ancient civilisations is invaluable to Jim; Ruthie Moo, a beautiful and resourceful British?Secret Agent, and Jim’s childhood sweetheart, Sengalang, the ancient shaman of the Iban Headhunters; Wira, a highly intelligent baby orangutan fully trained in espionage; and a team of specially trained monkeys! This band of unlikely heroes must survive a crazy, colourful, ancient, dangerous world, where nothing is what it seems and where everything, from the other-dimensional bad guys to the creepy crawlies, are out to get you.

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So... its a romp! The pace of the book is awesome, it is one thing after an other and it keeps you glued to the page. I couldn't put it down! The characters are rich, the story line is bold and you form images of the characters and their surroundings in your mind as the story unfolds. It is a balance between full on page turning chapters with fun and light moments that give you a respite between a rolling plot that just doesn't stop. The humour is abundant and I was laughing out loud at times. It is a polished, colourful and gripping story that is captivating to the end!

by Dave Dineen

I really enjoyed it. I like that James King's writing style is so descriptive and keeps the reader's attention as it is also fast flowing. The blend of seriousness and comedy works very well together. I was imagining the story as an animated movie. I'm looking forward to the next one now.

by Andrew Robinson

Ruthie here!! What a fantastic, amazing book. Full of descriptions that bring the jungle to life and make you feel like you're part of the adventure. What a treat! Perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit - child or adult. Can't wait for the next adventure - where will Jim, Rufus and Ruthie end up next?! Thanks for taking me back to everything that is wonderful about Borneo.

by Ruth Moody

This is a book I will keep to share with my grandchildren and great grandchildren!

by Voracious-Eyes

A riveting romp through the rainforest!

by Jonathan Briggs

James' book arrived in sunny South Africa just in time for my weekend away somewhere in the wilds of the African bush. Astonishingly it poured with rain that weekend, a pretty unusual sight here. I lay in my bed reading the adventures of Jungle Jim listening to the sound of rain on the tin roof and the lions roar somewhere far off. When it rained in the Jungle is seemed that it rained harder in my part of Africa. The adventures on those pages came to life in the bush around me. I loved every page from the first to the last as if I were there with those characters, living those very adventures. Well written an thoroughly engaging.

by Niki

It deserves 5 stars. Loved the book and characters. Can’t wait for the next adventure!!

by Chris Nel

An absolutely wonderful read with memorable characters and a wonderfully imaginative storyline and setting. The writing is descriptive and full of humour and adventure and I found that my mind was racing after reading it. Roll on the sequel!

by Greig Trout

It is a rollercoaster fun adventure! I just kept thinking, what more can happen to these guys? I’m out of breath for them! Really great read! Can't wait for book two!

by Donna Anderson

I think the author did a great job. I love this book as it's so different with another fiction which I have read. Jim is way too cute with his new body as a "Wild Man" especially when he around Ruthie so I can't wait to see what will happen next.

by Hannah Pham

Age: 12
I really enjoyed Jungle Jim as it is a very engaging book which creates a clear image in your head. I thought the story was very well thought out and as you read further in you want to read more. My favourite character is Sengalang because I think he is a very interesting character because he is a wise man. I think you have used a lot of great imagination in the book and you described everything so well I thought I was there. I think it was a very exciting adventure story because so much happened in such a short amount of time. I loved your idea of the Shadowlab and the villains in the story and I think you came up with some very creative names for the characters which helped the story to flow so well. I think it was a very exciting and engaging adventure story.

by Thomas

Age: 10
Jungle Jim was a very good book which I enjoyed to read in bed every night. I loved some of the characters like Rufus and enjoyed the plot unfolding. The story was very funny and you chose a great setting for the jungle. The Shadowlab was a clever idea and it suited the villains who worked there. Altogether a good book.

by Will Lyons

Action packed and entertaining from start to finish!

Love this book, exciting, engaging and I could not put it down. From the first page I was hooked.
Focusing on action and adventure, an exciting story that keeps you interested, intrigued and wanting more. From the terrifically exciting opener set deep in the Jungle to the stunning journey that twists and winds you into the lives of Jim, Rufus and Ruthie, you are immersed into the adventure.
The villains are wonderfully menacing, the hero’s surprisingly relatable, the settings vivid and dramatic. The storey moves with some pace with the action being intense and unrelenting. Every chapter bring a new dimension to the storey as you are drawn in to the personalities of the characters. Jim epitomises the adventure-serial type hero whilst Rufus seems a little ill equipped for what is happening around him, I have to say I feel for Rufus as the unwilling hero of the piece.
Action packed and entertaining from start to finish! More please.

by Bossy J

What an adventure! I was gripped from the start (which I need in a book) fantastic characters and a story that keeps you going right to the end.
Absolutely Fantastic.

by Garry Smith

A Brand New Action Hero
A genuinely exciting book from cover to cover, that will keep all age groups entertained. As I was nearing the end of it I was hoping book two would be available soon to continue on with characters who make this book breathtakingly good. This book takes you straight to the heart of the adventures within a few pages. Move over James Bond there’s a new hero in town and he goes by the name of Regent, James Regent...

by Martine Maclennan

"Great Fun!... A Fantastically adventurous and wonderfully quirky book!"

This book is suitable for a child from nine to 109 and it really must be in the Christmas stocking of anyone who loves a good adventure yarn. So if you have a lot of children to buy presents for, make sure each of them gets a copy of this fantastically adventurous and wonderfully quirky book.

by That's Books

***** A Magical Adventure! *****

A truly exciting, magical adventure can't wait to read the further exploits of 'Jungle Jim'. Rich characters, a rolling plot and lots of humour, its a great read, would definitely recommend!

by Amazon Customer

"A truly epic adventure with some really kick butt characters to fall in love with."

Jungle Jim and the Shadow of Kinabalu brought images of Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Spider Man and any number of other action adventure, super hero movies to mind. It is truly epic in its display of out of this world action and adventure. The pace is fast and the story is engaging. Just when you think you’ve reached the end and all is well you are left with the knowledge that this is just the beginning for Jim and his cohorts. This story had all of the elements I’ve always loved about good adventure tales. There is a quest to find missing artifacts. You have a romance behind the scenes and motivating the characters even further. The lives of the main characters are at stake and even more drastic the world is at risk. There is the age-old good vs evil dynamic going on. Best of all there are some really kick butt characters to fall in love with.

The cast of characters includes our hero Jim, an ice-hockey star with his trusty hockey stick, his best friend Rufus with his brilliance in ancient civilizations, Ruthie, his childhood love and a British spy, Sengalang, the headhunter’s shaman and finally Wira, the orangutan with her band of monkeys. Of course, you also have the requisite line up of villains in the Shadow Emperor, giant praying mantis, a mad scientist, dark matter shadows and the wicked huntress. There are enough creepy crawlies and flying menaces as well to keep your skin crawling. Travel through the wilds of the jungle is a challenge. Just to throw another wrench into the mix, poor Jim is cursed by Sengalang with being a werangutan when the moon is orange. He is also the Ancient Protector of Borneo, definitely a full plate for the hero and his cohorts. This was one fun trip into a new world that I thoroughly enjoyed. While I plan to share this story with my nine-year-old granddaughter, I would highly recommend it to anyone from nine to adult. It has all the classic elements that promise to be a winner with everyone.

by Jean Smith

Back in the dark days of the early 1990s, when we had to more or less strip our IBM PS2's back almost to the bare bones in order to free up memory for playing early PC games, there was one called Jill of the Jungle, and this superb fantasy adventure by James King is extremely similar to her adventures, a thrill a minute, fearsome monsters to be overcome, traps to escape from, etc., etc. All in all, a regular tour de force of pulp fiction adventure. Absolutely superb!

by Books Monthly

I find it amazing how the universe finds a way to bring people together even if they are either sides of the world. How your vibration matches up with that of another even when you are on different continents. The universe just decides you need to be in each others lives and it makes a plan.

I have such a friend. We studied photography together from opposite sides of the world. He was incredibly supportive of my work and we would compare notes and essays and eventually finished the course together delighting in our equally good results. I loved his engaging open manner and we developed a sweet friendship that moved from just fellow students to encompass our whole lives. It seems we had far more in common that just photography.

One day he emailed me the first few chapters of his book and one day I bravely emailed him the first few chapters of mine. He would write each day will travelling his wet and rainy commute into London and I would write from coffee shops on warm sunny african days. Worlds apart and yet the same. He of course is ten steps ahead of me and was near to completing his book.

Then on one of those exquisite sunny days a parcel arrived. His book in all its glory. I held it in my hands and ran my fingers over the cover. In the pages between those covers I could feel every tiny atom of energy he had poured into those words. I could feel his pride and excitement. This was a big moment.

That weekend I was going away with a friend and as if the universe knew how to play this game the skies darkened and the rains came. I lay in my bed listening to the drops fall heavily onto the roof above and the sounds of the lion call far away. I took that precious book in my hands and as I turned the pages I was transported into the world of Jungle Jim. To his adventures deep in the jungle with the rain coming in equal measure there in those pages. I devoured it. I was there. I was her. I was young and full of adventure. How sweet that the universe made sure my world matched those on the pages.

I don’ want to give away the story. That is for you to enjoy and I promise you will not be disappointed. Jungle Jim is an adventure that captured my heart and imagination. Every one of those pages is filled with James King’s adventurous spirit and massively soft heart.

I am so proud of you my friend. I loved this book. I loved it’s energy and excitement. I loved that it captured me so and I loved that it is so much a part of you.

James you have inspired and encouraged me. You have listened when I needed a friend and you have entertained me with your adventures. This book is only the beginning and I am eternally grateful to the universe for bringing your into my life.

James King’s Jungle Jim is available from, Amazon and Kindle.

by Niki VV

"Remember to Breathe!"

Bought this for my ten year old son, who loved it! Obviously I got to read it next followed up by my 13 year old. A book with a very strong cinematic feel to it. You can imagine the author's influences, a heady mix of action heroes and sci-fi with a bit of jungle magic and the supernatural to boot.
Action from the first page, it's hard to keep up the central character as he blasts straight out of the page and into your imagination, just remember to strap in, hold on and take a breath every few pages. Ripe for a sequel, it will be interesting to say the least where Jungle Jim will take his hero next.......
I for one will be along for the adventure.

by Jon F

Excellent debut novel from a new author. Indiana Jones style, action packed story that I have passed on to my 10 year old son!

by B Bal

I just wanted to highlight this book from last year, as I really loved it and wanted to take this opportunity to recommend it to you all. It has everything required, and more, in an extremely good read. It is:
Fast paced;
Action packed and non-stop;
A wild jungle and very descriptive;
Superhero, cool characters, monsters and bad villains;
Dark, mysterious and engaging plot;
Monsters, myths and madness;
Middle Grade Read 9+.
It has absolutely everything needed to make this an amazing read. If it sounds like your kind of book then please track a copy down and help a fantastic debut author on his way.

by Vincent Ripley

This book is a rollicking roller-coaster ride from page one, where the reader lands straight in the action. Jim and his friend (and unlikely fellow-hero) Rufus go to Borneo to find their friend Ruthie. There, they encounter numerous adventures, a mysterious evil villain, creepy-crawlies, and a band of trained monkeys (I now want my own trained monkey!). It's also great that Ruthie is a strong female character, not a helpless damsel! Loved this book, it is fresh, fun and exciting, and I cannot wait for the next instalment in the gangs adventures! Definitely recommended!
January 23, 2016

by SAM

James King has written a fantastic adventure/sci-fi/magical book ideally placed for older kids who in my day (I'm a bit *cough* older than that) would have been reading the works of Tarzan or Captain WE Johns. 'Fast-paced' hardly covers it - the story hurtles along at an amazing rate, with short chapters adding to the giddy helter-skelter of events. If this was ever turned into a movie, it would require an enormous budget, but thankfully you only have to pay the modest price to be transported into Jim's world. I hope further adventures are to come, and we get to see more about his alter ego; the transformation of the hero into Were-Orangutan is almost the least of the book's excitements.

by Lee Sullivan

A gripping read for all ages!

What an amazing book! I read this both on my own and then to my 7 year old son. My 9 year old son read it on his own. We all loved it.

Its a cracking read, gripping you from the opening pages. James King keeps the pace moving at all times. Just when you think he couldn't possibly maintain the tension, he pulls another great idea out of the bag. Perhaps the biggest accolade comes from the fact that my two boys proceeded to re-enact parts of the book for days afterwards - a sure sign that James King really can capture children's imagination. Thoroughly recommended.

by John Bruce

Absolutely brilliant read!! It's full of imagination that keeps me glued to the book, wanting to know what's going to happen next. I can hardly put the book down! Can't wait for the next adventure.

by Khadijah

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