Troubador Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull

Released: 05/07/2013

eISBN: 9781783068609

Format: eBook

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Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull


All Johnny Max has to do is deliver his newspapers and get to school on time. He can’t afford to get into any trouble ­­­­­­­– not when he’s also his dad’s main carer. But when Johnny hears an elderly couple being burgled, he knows he has to help.

Daniel Godfrey began writing a book he could give to his young nephews. It soon turned into Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull, an adventurous tale of a schoolboy who interrupts a burglary on his paper round and accidentally ends up involved in a dangerous mystery.

Aimed at children aged from 8 to 12 years old, the story explores the various challenges that Johnny faces. This includes his responsibility as a carer for his dad, his conflict of feelings when he hears the burglary on his paper round and his realisation that there is a darker force at work.

Filled with adventure, mystery and danger, Johnny Max and the Panther’s Skull is a thrilling page turner that captivates, from the beginning of Johnny’s paper round to when he unlocks the mystery behind the burglary.

Amazon Review, 4 July

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