Troubador In the Shadows

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788036061

eISBN: 9781788034135

Format: Paperback/eBook

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In the Shadows


Eden Matthews. A girl with talent, looks and ambition. But when one innocent horse ride goes wrong, a new world opens up where she can both see and communicate with the dead. Still determined to become a prima ballerina, Eden tries to ignore her new and unwanted gifts. But she was given these gifts for a reason, and the ones who bestowed them are not about to let her have a normal life. Eden now has to make a choice. Will she pick her budding career with Dillon, her new dance partner, who has an interest in Eden that goes way beyond professional? Or will she join a bitter, millennium-old fight between Heaven and Hell? A fight that may very well take her to the steps of Heaven itself? Accompanied by a band of rogue ghosts, and with the help of her childhood sweetheart, Finn, she embarks on a journey of mysteries, spiritual awakenings and self-discovery. She meets the dark and derisive Zachary, the embittered ghost of a betrayed ballet dancer. Treating her with scorn and contempt, he wants nothing more than to avoid her…and yet he can’t seem to stay away. Full of intrigue, passion and danger, Eden manages to navigate between both worlds. But when a selfless act results in a heart-breaking sacrifice, will she have what it takes to keep on going?

That's Books

Well edited. Well written. Likeable characters. Great book for any age. Eden sees ghosts and this author actually explains how and why. She befriends a rag tag group of ghosts who stick by her and even travel with her. Eden dumps her boyfriend, has a boy at college that likes her immediately, but she has no interest. Then she falls for a ghost, I found that oddly entertaining. I liked that when the the angels showed, they weren't all peaches and cream, what they did to Eden at the was rude....NOT nice or angelic at all. Great book, I will be keeping an eye out for the next one!

by Charlotte Foster

This was a good steady start to the series. It's not a big action filled story but it still kept me reading.

Eden is a talented dancer starting a new life in London training at a dance school when she realized she has a gift. Eden has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. She quickly makes friends with some of the deceased and forms a close bond. Eden however was chosen for this gift and she soon learns it's not always a gift. When people start being unable to pass into heaven, it's down to her and her friends to figure out why.

I enjoyed this story and the build up is very good. It also ends the story making you want to read the next book. Eden is very likeable and normal. Her ghost friends are lots of fun and I like their different personalities. I also liked the fact that Eden is trying to live her normal life and even find love.

The writing was good and very descriptive. I could easily picture each location and I'm excited for the second book.

by Kerry Henderson

A well-written, engrossing read, In The Shadows brings something new to the paranormal fantasy category with its engaging, unique characters and a delightfully British ambience.

Eden, an aspiring ballerina, has moved from her quaint English village to London, to live with her aunt and uncle and begin attending college. Determined to make a good impression at her new college, Eden catches the eye of her tutors and the other students. Soon, Eden has partnered with a charming fellow student, who may have more in mind than just being dance partners. However, Eden still holds feelings for her former boyfriend back home, and isn’t even sure what she wants at this point. Eden chooses to put her focus on her schooling and dancing, rising to the envious position of star pupil.

Only, Eden isn’t your typical college student. After an unfortunate horseback riding incident, Eden is seeing things she cannot rationally explain. And those things are ghosts. Befriending a rag-tag group of spirits, Eden begins to notice strange matters afoot, and is thrust into a celestial battle of heavenly proportions. Working together, Eden and her new friends search tirelessly for a way to win the battle and restore the balance. But, Eden becomes distracted, dreaming of and drawn to an entity that doesn’t appear to reciprocate her attention. Who are they? What is their purpose and can Eden determine why her presence is so troubling to them?

“She felt herself drifting and she knew that she was waking up from the dream. Before she fully regained consciousness, she felt once more that warm breath on her neck, a hand on her arm.”

I was surprised to enjoy this book as much as I did. I went into it with an open mind, but found it constantly absorbing and never slow-paced or dragging. Initially, I was somewhat perplexed by the English slang used, but adjusted to it quickly and appreciate the realism it delivered to the story. The paranormal aspects of the storyline are well-thought-out and I adore the group of ‘spooks’ Eden finds herself in cahoots with. Eden herself is likeable and had that girl-next-door kind of personality. Additionally, I absolutely loved the Phantom of the Opera theme incorporated into the storyline, it gave the storyline a mysterious allure that can be hard to achieve. The setting was unique, almost gothic in nature, but still different from most of what I’ve read in this category.

Overall, I will certainly be back when this story continues, I’m curious to see how Eden deals with the events that unfolded at the conclusion! In short, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a captivating paranormal fantasy read.

by Ashlee Pargett

Lovely romance about a ballerina. Well written and a delight to read.

by Melissa Barnett

I am reviewing this book for EY Shaw, and NetGalley who gave me a copy of their book for an honest review.

Briefly, Eden, an inspiring young ballerina, is found not to be your average student, due to a horse riding accident, she can now see and communicate with ghosts. As well as dealing with men in her ‘real’ life, she also falls for a ghost, whilst helping them.

Easy to read. Good characters – loved meeting the, not your usual type of, ghosts. I’ll be looking out for the next one.

by Denise Cross

This novel was well written and precise. I enjoyed the story as a whole and the ending definitely makes you want to get into the next one.

The main character, Eden, is relatable and the fact that she can see the dead and that it is explained how and why is great as I can not stand not knowing or understanding completely.

Overall the story was a little lower paced than I would have liked, but not slow enough where I felt like I needed to force myself to read. It had good tone and a great plot. Highly recommend.

by JESSICA JULIEN (via Netgalley)

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