Troubador In the Saddle with Zarkava

Released: 28/03/2014

ISBN: 9781783062751

eISBN: 9781783067404

Format: Paperback/eBook

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In the Saddle with Zarkava

The true story of a racing legend


In the Saddle With Zarkava is about the making of a legendary racehorse. Told from the perspective of a child living in the heart of the action it is inspiring, moving and informative and destined to appeal to any youngster who loves horses. Nine year old Lizzie lives in Chantilly just outside Paris, in a very prestigious racing yard, together with her little brother, her mother, a host of pets and her father, a world-renowned racehorse trainer. Lucky as she may seem, she doesn’t understand her father’s passion and has come to resent it taking up all his time. That is until, on a family trip to Ireland. a small bay foal captures her attention. Race by race via her scrapbook, diary and letters, Lizzy relates the captivating story of ‘her’ invincible racehorse, the offspring of top English blood lines, bred in Ireland and trained in France. The insider knowledge of the author, who is the wife of Zarkava’s trainer, means the reader can follow the dazzling career of the faster-than-light filly Zarkava (or Zed) from as close as one can get; absorbing the rhythm and routine of a racing stables, its codes and practices, the day to day pressures, disappointments and joys, as well as the essential role of each person surrounding the horse. There are few children’s books about racehorses and certainly no authentic ones about a living legend. Any horse-loving child who is curious to know what it takes to make a champion racehorse, or anyone with racing fans in the familiy, will devour this book. They may even shed a tear!

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I really liked this book because I felt like I was in Lizzie's shoes right from the beginning. The book also helps you to understand the world of racing horses very quickly and easily. Since I also live near horse training facilities in France, and have friends that live in other countries, I could really identify with Lizzie and May. Zarkava truly is a special horse! She wins almost all the time, and she is also very beautiful. I wish I could ride her in real life. The author Gizelle is also special. I just love her. If you buy this book you won't regret it, I promise. Sincerely, Morgane Julien

by Morgane Julien

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