Troubador I Can't Wait To Be On TV!

Released: 01/12/2013

eISBN: 9781783068678

Format: eBook

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I Can't Wait To Be On TV!


I Can’t Wait To Be On TV! is the story of four animal runaways who travel together in search of fame and fortune, in an X Factor style animal ‘TV Talent Contest’. Domble is a hard working donkey, Dribble is a badly treated dog, Caruso is a noisy cockerel and Calamity, an opera singing cat, is determined to be a star.

The story begins when Domble’s farmer decides to get rid of him. Since he fell and hurt his leg, the donkey can no longer carry hay and has been replaced by a new, stronger carthorse. While waiting to be sent away, Domble finds out about the contest in the park. He decides that his only hope is to leave the farm and win the contest, which takes place the next day. The contest posters promise a life of glamour to the winners, who will be ‘groomed for stardom’.

However, the four friends arrive late to the contest and after a terrible performance are booed off stage. They now realise they have no homes and no future. Their dreams of stardom are shattered. But they soon realise that the contest is not all it seems and that winning isn’t everything. Before long, they find out that the contest winners are in terrible danger. The four plan a rescue operation to free the animals involved, in a race against time. Can three animals and a bird manage to save the animals from a dreadful fate?

I Can’t Wait To Be On TV! is a beautifully illustrated work of fiction for children aged 7-10. It brings a modern twist to an old Grimm’s folk tale with hints of 101 Dalmatians and Animal Farm.

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Joy Simmons

Joy Simmons' artwork has been exhibited at London galleries and published by Women's Press, RSO Records and the NSPCC. A freelance artist and illustrator, she previously taught Life Drawing at Hertfordshire University. Before that, she worked in Hackney children's libraries. In between issuing books, she painted murals,Limbo danced, read to classes, told fortunes and taught adult literacy.

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