Troubador I Can See The New Testament

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781788036573

Format: Paperback

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I Can See The New Testament


If you take a really careful look. You can see who’s hiding in this book! Through an interactive combination of playful rhymes and bright illustrations, children will enjoy solving clues to uncover a host of characters from the New Testament. They will have great fun discovering Mary amongst the sheep or Zacchaeus hiding up a tree. They will be amazed when they see Jesus turn water into wine and make lame men dance! I Can See The New Testament is a brilliant tool for bringing to life the stories of the bible, both at school and in church. The children’s picture book covers a range of stories from the New Testament, journeying through it with Jesus in an engaging and memorable way. It includes an uplifting ending where all the characters, irrespective of their past differences and struggles, join together for the coming of the holy spirit, to highlight the message of forgiveness underpinning the New Testament.

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