Troubador Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures

Released: 28/10/2016

ISBN: 9781785899584

Format: Paperback

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Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures


Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures.

A story about friendship and magical adventure between a young girl called Hollie and her magic, talking cat Figgs.

Hollie finds it hard to make new friends after she moves to a new school. Figgs doesn’t like to see her looking sad and feeling lonely. Then one evening she has some English homework to do. Writing a story with the title `Wishes.` She looks at Figgs for inspiration and wishes he could take her to a far away land. She doesn’t finish her homework and falls asleep. This is when Figgs reveals that he is magic and can talk. He takes her on a magical adventure to a kingdom called Hippogoblin Land where you can eat bushes and flowers pop open with candy canes. She befriends a princess who is also sad and lonely. When she arrives back home, she doesn’t know if it’s all be a dream. She gets a big surprise when she has to read out her homework in front of the class.

Hollie and Figgs: Magical Adventures is aimed at children aged 5–8, it`s a colourfully illustrated, fun and charming story about a young girl and her magical talking cat. Children will fall in love with the characters and be left wondering what their next adventure will be.

The storyline includes a gentle moral and life lesson, and the topics in the book (friendship, magic, moving to a new school, finding it hard to make friends and trust) are ideal for sparking off classroom discussion in PSHE. The book can be read by older children or read to younger children.

A must read fantasy story and for any child who wishes their pet could talk and take them on magical adventures.

This children's story book follows the adventures of a little girl & her cat Figgs. She has a special bond with her cat that any children with their own animals would understand. An enchanting, magical story that all children will love & hope to follow on even more adventures. It has beautiful illustrations to go with the story & is sure to be a hit. A definite must buy!

by Amazon Customer

A lovely, gentle story - aimed at 5yrs plus children - about a girl and her magical cat, and the lovely friendship and adventures they have. I read this book to my 5 and a half yr old cat-loving granddaughter, who enjoyed it but said it was a rather long story, (perhaps in retrospect I should have realised, and so instead read it in installments?). Her attention span went before the end, leading me to cut out segments of the story in the latter pages to finish it in time. I think she will listen to it better when she is a little bit older. The best things about it are the sweet illustrations, cute storyline/characters, and the overall hopeful, positive message that even when you have problems, in the end everything usually turns out ok. Great for cat-lovers of all ages to share.

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I bought this book for a little girl who likes cats but read it to my six year old son before passing it on. He really enjoyed it. It was slightly longer than our normal bedtime reads but he was engaged with the story and remained attentive to the end. He particularly liked the idea of the magic carpet and the hippogoblins, little creatures Hollie and Figgs get to meet during their adventure. I liked the fact the story inspired his imagination; after hearing it he chatted to me about the journeys he could go on with our pet dog and what creatures they could meet. The illustrations were delightful and where there are pages without pictures the detail in the story paints the picture for you. A lovely story to snuggle up with and share.

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Hollie and Figgs is an uplifting story of a little girls struggles with change and acceptance. The journey Hollie embarks on takes her to a magical fanciful world away from her own reality aided by her magical talking cat Figgs, her very best friend.
The story is an illustration of the struggles that many children face and coupled with the colourful illustrations the book brings the characters to life. A highly recommended read and story of triumph over adversity for all ages.

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Hollie and Figgs is a book that I chatted to the author about for ages, well before the book was even in print format. So it was a highly anticipated read. It was also rather lovely to get a signed copy in the post to share with my children. I had a feeling the book would be a big hit in my house as my son loves cats. To put things into perspective two of his favourite presents from Father Christmas were a cat teddy and a remote control cat.

Annette, the author originally wrote the book for her daughter when she was poorly. It was a project they both did together, with Annette writing the story and her daughter doing the illustrations. She then went on to get the book published, and some of the illustrations in the real book are by her daughter too. Which I think makes the book extra special.

The book centres around a girl called Hollie and her cat Figgs. At the beginning of the book Hollie has to move house with her family, the story talks about how she feels about moving and also how her friendship with her cat Figgs helps her. But the best thing has to be that Figgs can not only talk, but takes Hollie on amazing magical adventures.

The book is quite long and we read it over the space of three nights. My son who is 5 really enjoyed it and was looking forward to each instalment, but it was a bit too old for my daughter at 2.5 years and didn’t quite hold her attention. My son loved that the book was about a cat as expected, and was delighted when he found out that Figgs could talk! Afterwards he declared that that was the best bit. He also really liked the colourful illustrations and wanted to sit and look at them on his own after we had finished reading.

The magical adventures were fun and captured his imagination. If I could add some constructive criticism it would be that it could do with small sections of the writing being cut and tightening up slightly.

Hollie and Figgs Magical Adventures is quite clearly that start of a series, and the ending left us with a view of what was to come. My son finished it wanting to read the next one which I’m pretty sure means it was a hit.


This is a fun debut children’s books definitely more suited to school age children. Yes, it could do with some minor tweaks, but my son loved it and the colourful illustrations are lovely.

by Amazon Customer

I purchased this for a friend's young granddaughter and she loves it. Wonderful imagination fuel for a young mind. Looking forward to more from Annette Sharman.

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A lovely, thought provoking and touching book. Beautiful imagery and even more beautiful sentiment. Thank you.

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I have found this great book ,it's a really good read I bought it for my niece we had great fun reading it,it's thought provoking ,not just a book to read and forget about .we hope there is to be another one soon .definitely well worth buying

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Absolutely fantastic book for both child and parent/adult alike - Really hope the author is going to write a few sequels!
Full of really bright and fun illustrations and the story book has plenty of magical twists and turns that kept me wondering what adventures the duo will go on next.
The character of Figgs the cat is absolutely adorable - I want my own real life version!
Hollie is a character that many young girls and boys would be able to relate to with and want to be real life friends with.

Definitely worth buying for your child, it will keep them entertained, engaged and stimulate their imagination... and you'll end up loving it too!

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