Troubador Hogg in the Hoover

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781785890338

Format: Paperback

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Hogg in the Hoover


Hogg is a hog. He is also a hoover… well he lives inside a hoover. It’s the perfect place to be if you like eating rubbish all day. He turns a sty into a palace. In the first of a series of adventures, Mrs Barnstaple becomes acquainted with her super-duper new hoover. But it’s bad news for the spiders and cobwebs. Hogg is sure to capture imaginations, sucking you into his world of Mrs B, mess and… another word beginning with ‘m’? I cannot think of one right now…

University of Leicester

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J L  Robinson

Hogg in the Hoover is the first weird and wonderful project born from the restless minds of James Robinson and Sarah Bulman. Amidst their strange senses of humour, they stumbled upon a love of creating stories and characters together.

James Lockhart Robinson was born in Leicester, in 1987. After years of messing around, James decided he needed to focus more on what he wanted to do with his life.

James became inadvertently absorded by words and grammar. He made it his ambition to learn all over again what he had before taken for granted.

Experimentation within such confines is where James finds his true freedom to express himself, and in turn, writing as an art form is one in which he feels most comfortable.

Sarah Bulman was born in Leicester, in 1990. With a MA in History of Medicine (Eugenics), Sarah did not expect her doodling to go anywhere other than in a lonely folder on her hard-drive.

Much of her time now is devoted to various weird and wonderful projects. Decorating jam jars for their wedding next year is a project she is currently consumed by.

Sarah & James

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