Troubador Harvey and the Moon Bus

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788038980

Format: Paperback

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Harvey and the Moon Bus


A beautifully-illustrated story about anthropomorphic animals who have a fantasy adventure together.
An underlying theme and moral message which is the importance of helping people.
A fantastical adventure story for children 5-7 years old.

Harvey sees his friends, Chester and Nelly, heading for the corner shop and boarding the Moon Bus, so he decides to join them. Harvey sits next to a grumpy grey rabbit. The Moon Bus takes off and flies through space and lands on the Moon and they all head off to The Moon Rock Sweet Emporium in Moon Crater Alley. 

Harvey loses Chester and Nelly – so when he sees the grey rabbit heading for a nearby circus tent he decides to follow him, where he meets a small mouse called Gretel. But they only have 15 minutes to reach the Moon Bus before it leaves for the day!

Gretel tells him the magic mats on the Helter Skelter will take them to the Moon Bus really quickly. The magic mat flies over the cobbled streets towards a huge crater but Gretel falls out of Harvey’s pocket and starts plummeting to the ground. Harvey manages to grab her safely. As the Moon Bus is about to take off, Harvey uses the last of his three wishes to catch it and jumps on board.. They look out of the window and see the grey rabbit running along the runway after the Moon Bus… But will he catch it in time?

The author was invited to showcase the book in the 'local and new authors' area of whizzfizzfest, a celebration of children's literature inspired by Roald Dahl on the 30th June 2018.

Coles Bookshop in Bicester now has copies of the book in stock, and have put together a 'local author' book display. The author invited friends and family to an evening celebration of the book at the bookshop on the 29th June 2018.

The Book House bookshop in Thame are now stocking the book. The author was invited to the bookshop recently to sign a few of the books. This is wonderful news as it was the author's childhood bookshop where she spent all her pocket money!

The Old Hall Bookshop in Brackley now has the book in stock, and the author was invited to a 'local authors' day on the 22nd June 2018. It was an enjoyable few hours spent talking with customers and other local authors.

The author was invited to do a reading and Q&A session at Marsh Gibbon primary school on the 6th July. It was a fun few hours reading a couple of Chapters of the book and answering the children's questions.

Harvey and the Moon Bus were at the Buckingham Community Centre, Small Hall, Buckingham MK18 1RP on the 17th March 2018, 10am-4pm. It was a fun day with plenty of the books being signed and sold by the author. Harvey and the Moon Bus will be back at the venue on the 22nd September 2018, 10am-4pm. The 8th December 2018, 10am-4pm.

Gartocharn Primary School in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland were delighted to receive a copy of the book.

Buckingham Library were delighted to receive a copy of the book for their 'Children's Corner'.

Snettisham Primary School in Norfolk were delighted to have received a copy of the book for their 5-7 year olds 'Reading Corner'. The children will hopefully be reviewing the book and their comments added to our 'collage' pin board which we will be displaying at future events.

Dersingham Library in Norfolk were delighted to have received a copy of the book for their 'Story Corner'. They will also be reviewing it and providing feedback.

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Buckingham Advertiser

I purchased this book for my little boy Phillip (age 7 years). He loved listening to the story so much so, I am reading it again to him. There is plenty of action in this book to keep it exciting and also to keep a child's interest. Phillip loved looking at the illustrations as well, which are beautiful. Chapter 3 was his favourite. He thought the names on the sweet counters, such as 'raspberry fizzy jelly and bubble custard' was so funny and laughed so much at this - he loves the book. We will definitely be looking out for more Harvey and the Moon Bus stories.

by Claire, Northern Ireland

An enchanting book. We follow the delightful Harvey, the dungaree wearing cat, as he takes a trip on the Moon Bus with his friends. An adventure which includes not only a journey to the moon, but also a thrilling ride on a magic carpet, a mean-spirited rabbit villain and the rescue of a small mouse called Gretel. Helping others when they’re in trouble is an underlying message.
A perfect gift for children either to read for themselves or as a bedtime story. There are some charming illustrations to help keep them enthralled. I look forward to seeing the next instalment of Harvey’s adventure.

by Christine Tennent

I really enjoyed reading about Harvey's trip to the moon - and I'm a grown up!
The language and plot are a good fit for the intended age group - not too simplistic, but not difficult. And there's plenty of action to keep it exciting. The illustrations are beautiful - they are unobtrusive and don't get in the way of the text, but they perfectly capture the Harvey of my imagination.
I'm sure children will love this story, and will want to share more adventures with Harvey and his friends - I know I do!

by Elizabeth Angus

Join Harvey and his friends as he journeys to the moon, and learns about himself and his friends along the way. I loved this book - it's exciting for little ones, yet not too complicated for them to follow. Great as a bedtime story, or for first readers starting on their own reading journey. The type of book that will be a frequent request at bedtime.

by S,McEwan

I have mine now and an excellent book. An excellent author you are Jill and a great imaginative story. Well done and a must for all families...

by Carolyn Palmer

What a wonderful story with excitement and wonder. I can’t wait to read other stories and adventures about Harvey and his friends. My 2 year old niece and I both enjoyed reading this book and will continue to follow Harvey wherever he goes. A well recommended book to all who love a good little page turner!! xx

by Sophie Fennell

This is a beautiful book with fabulous illustrations. The story is magical - reminded me of Enid Blyton but without the old-fashioned attitudes! Very positive 'message' but wrapped up in an engaging story and clear, straightforward language appropriate for intended readership. I was impressed by its high standard of accuracy in terms of proofreading/editing (not always a given these days, I've found) and I personally loved the story (I'm 54!). I haven't yet read it to my four year old nephew (it is one of his birthday presents) but I will let you know what he thinks after I do! I expect him to thoroughly enjoy it, though he is possibly on the young side - depends on maturity of child, I think. I would highly recommend the book - great as a story to read to children but it would also be a lovely book for a seven year old to read to themselves

by Louise Wilford

A fabulous story with positive messages for children! My granddaughter aged 5 reads the words she can and I read the rest so great to ‘share’. She loved the illustrations and quickly picked up that she loved Harvey but wasn’t keen on ‘the rabbit’. I’m sure Katie will want this story read to her at bedtime ‘again and again’. Looking forward to more of Harvey’s adventures for us to share.

by Leigh Walton

The story is about friends and caring and the baddy didn’t win. I like all the characters apart from the ‘horrid rabbit’. I would like to know what Harvey’s next adventure will be. Will he go to the bottom of the sea? I love the story and pictures. I like the pictures of the author and the ‘drawing lady’. The author should grow her hair long!

by Katie, aged 6 from Worcestershire

Read Harvey and the moon bus over the weekend with my partners 8 year old daughter ! She finished reading the whole book in two bedtime sessions as she was so excited to see if Harvey and Gretal made it back to the moon bus in time for its departure! A purely delightful read of adventure and excitement! One very happy little girl full of gasps and sighs and giggles. From both of us!

by Wendy Warr

A good read for Grandma too
I bought 2 copies of the book, 1 for each grandchild, who are both 5 this year. I couldn't resist having a 'private' read before I pass them onto the 59, I might be a fraction outside the suggested age group but Harvey and chums transported me back to a child like eagerness and anticipation with each page turned.....brilliant storyline with such utterly charming characters... I was especially captivated by the oh so cute and vulnerable Gretel, closely followed by the acrobatic Otis and Olive in their matching outfits.....I'll be waiting at the bus stop ready for the next adventure hopefully Harvey and friends room for one more on board!

by Grandma Mead

This is such a great book, both children love to read it, the youngest even took it into school to show everyone. It's an imaginative story that keeps children entertained if reading by themselves or being read to. The illustrations were perfect for the story. Looking forward to reading more of Harvey's adventures...

by Emma S

I bought this book for my friend's children and they loved it.

by Alastair

My 4 year old nephew absolutely adores this book. We have read it to him so many times that he now ‘reads’ it himself, using the beautiful illustrations as his cues. Can’t wait to see what adventures Harvey has next.

by Crystal Mouse

Harvey and the Moon Bus is a cracking read, driven along by a fast-paced narrative that encourages a reading in one sitting. Both Sophie, aged six and Evie, aged three, enjoyed having it read to them (Sophie said she loved it) and wanted to find out what happened straight away. Although Evie is younger than the suggested age range for the book, she was not too young to grasp the main ‘message’ of the story which is the importance of being kind to others, commenting that it is unkind to laugh at people who need help. Although great for a ‘read aloud’, the book has short chapters so is suited to emerging readers, too, and has enough illustration to support a transition from picture books to chapter books. I hope my grandchildren will read it by themselves when they are ready. The illustrations are lovely and successfully bring to life the anthropomorphic characters – an excellent collaboration between author and illustrator.

by Sue B

A sweet story about going to the moon and eating cosmic sweets. I’m looking forward to giving it to my twin grandchildren, boy and girl, as it will easily appeal to both of them. Let’s hope there will be more adventures of Harvey, a cat who can care for a mouse without any loss of self-respect.

by Linda Smith

This is a lovely story about a cat and his adventures with his friends. Well written and beautifully illustrated. A book to be read to and by young (and old!). It has a moral, which is well put, to do with helping others when they’re in trouble whoever they may be. Would recommend to all young readers as a fun light hearted story.

by Fiona

A thoroughly engaging lovely book with lively characters. Bought for my Goddaughter as a present. Well done Jilly a fabulous book. :-)

by Karen

I bought this for my 5 year old granddaughter. She read it at bedtime with her mum. These are their comments. I loved reading this with Emmy. We both felt the tension when it looked like the bus was leaving without Harvey. The book also prompted conversation about kindness and courage. I would have liked more ‘moon’ scenes. Emmy said - Is it okay that I liked the grey rabbit ? He wasn’t very nice but I liked him. He made the story fun. Overall I am glad I bought this book, It hit the spot for my granddaughter and I know she is hoping there will be more Harvey adventures.

by Karen Lawrence

A lovely little book, in which the characters really come to life through exciting adventures and charming illustrations. Magic carpets, acrobatic guinea pigs and the most fabulous sounding sweet emporium (I want to go there myself!). There is an underlying sense of being kind to others but this is delivered very subtly; there's certainly no heavy-handed moral message overpowering it.

The print size and illustrations make it perfect for a child moving into reading complete books, and the short chapters and pacy action means they'll want to keep reading. It would also make a brilliant story for reading to/with younger children and I'll be taking it whenever I visit friends and family with little ones. This is how children's books should be - story and imagination, characters who live on after the book is finished. I wish there were more - I can't wait to see what Harvey gets up to next.

by Amazon Customer

I bought this as a gift but I couldn't resist reading it myself. You enter a land where you can visit the moon just like going on a day trip to the seaside. I wanted to try the sweets and the helter skelter and I am a little older than the intended audience. This is well written with lovely illustrations. You are with the characters living in their world and hoping it will all turn out right in the end. I am sure the boys I bought it for will love it just as much as I did.

by Lisa W

Jill Stanton-Huxton

JILL STANTON-HUXTON grew up in Buckinghamshire and has a BA Honours Degree, a Diploma in Humanities and a Diploma in Literature & Creative Writing from the Open University. She has had non-fiction articles, short stories and poems published in magazines, local newspapers and online. Jill has been a volunteer judge on the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition for the last two years, marking stories in the 5-9 year range. She was also the winner of The Buckinghamshire Family History Society Alan Dell Memorial Award for 2013.

The idea for the characters in the book came from her own childhood and family pets. The inspiration for the book comes from our beautiful and charismatic Norwegian Forest Cat, Macavity. He is six years old now and has become a local celebrity in the neighbourhood," says Jill. With so many of Macavity's cat antics to choose from and the fact that I'm always making up stories in my head ... it was only a matter of time before Harvey materialised

I plan on writing more books in the series ... what adventures will Harvey and his friends go on next? Only time will tell," says Jill. Harvey and the Moon Bus is the first in a planned series of Harvey books.


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