Troubador Gurglewobblers

Released: 01/01/2012

ISBN: 9781780880235

Format: Paperback

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The Quest for the Jewelled Egg


This mythical story takes place near the bottom of the world in the southern Tropic of Lantartica on the Island of Loon. To the north of the island, high in the Aolian Mountains, lives a cruel kleptomaniac vulture called Ajani. He has named the ridge after himself as a symbol of his own self-importance. Ajani presides over five thieving magpie servants, Cedric, Boyce, Chad and Buzz, plus the rookie magpie Jalen, who is the trainee jewel thief of the group. Cedric is ordered by Ajani to hatch a plan to steal a jewelled egg from the Gurglewobblers in the south.

Seth the Elder, Hugo and Guy the identical twins, Leo, Livia and Talia make up the group of six little Gurglewobblers who reside in tree houses deep in the Forest of Bark, on the southern peninsula of the island. Seth wakes up one morning to find their jewelled egg crafted by Cabbergé eons ago has been stolen. After an extensive search of the Forest of Bark, they find evidence of the crime and set sail for the Valley of the Gems to seek assistance in their quest from the Orchids and Flower People. They unite, showing great camaraderie, valour and humanity in the face of adversity in overcoming foul play. The storyline is chock-a-block with shenanigans throughout – but just when one thinks it’s all over, the fiasco re-ignites.?Will the Gurglewobblers win the day?

The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide, Spring 2012

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