Troubador Freddie's Woods

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Released: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781780884622

Format: Paperback

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Freddie's Woods


Freddie’s?Woods is a heartwarming story of friendship between Zoggy, a rabbit from the planet Zognarrayr, and Freddie, a Doberman from the small village of Three Oaks. After Zoggy’s small spacecraft crash-lands in the woods close to Freddie’s house, the pair embark on a series of adventures that feature them trying to repair the craft, and their efforts to find the parts they need. Their adventures to complete their mission cause mayhem to the local village folk, as strange events start occurring and unlikely items go missing without explanation. Sam, the beloved bobby at Three?Oaks, sets off to investigate, not realising that it is his own dog who is the main culprit behind the mishaps. Neither does he realise that there is other-worldly technology involved that is enabling the friends to venture where – and when – they please. Will the pair get caught – or will they succeed in fixing the spacecraft? If they do, what will it mean for the friends, who may soon be forced to part? Set in a village close to Hastings, East Sussex,?Freddie’s Woods is a tale about friendship, loss and about working together, that will be enjoyed by readers aged 7-10 years.


Oh man, this book has a sad ending. This book is a fun story about a dog who befriends a rabbit from another planet who needs the dog Freddie's help in fixing his spaceship so that he can fly back home. They get into mischief and have fun, but for an inexplicable reason, there is a tragedy at the end. I'm not sure exactly what purpose this tragedy holds; it could be to teach children about life and death, but I found it to be too out of left field for me. I don't think it would serve the children well to tell a fun tale and suddenly surprise them with death. If I was going to teach children about life and death, I maybe would have a book about a friend suffering from cancer who ends up passing, or a book about a older pet who dies from old age. This book has lovely painted illustrations, but I find them too few and far in between. I would rather see illustrations on every page and the text overlaying them. They are beautiful, so I was hoping for more. NetGalley and publisher provided the review copy for my honest opinion.

by Brooklyn Chiu

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