Troubador Earthland

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788037389

eISBN: 9781788031547

Format: Paperback/eBook

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In the desolate remains of a post-apocalyptic earth, two territories survive: Earthland and Opulence. Earthland is a forbidding domain, where its inhabitants consist of mutated animals and crazed humans, amongst which, pockets of a surviving civilisation strive to exist. 

Opulence is a floating metropolis; this is the realm of the rich and the privileged – the Fortunata. Should your wealth run out, you are Transported, to the savage shores of Earthland. Sixteen-year-old Savannah Loveday is a child of the Fortunata, and a rebel against the favoured society into which she was born. After taking one rebellious act too far, she is sentenced to be Transported while her parents stand by, silent and submissive. Her elder brother Jago savours Savannah’s predicament, he is only concerned with his ruthless aspirations of supreme leadership. Savannah’s younger sister, Beth is left distraught and truly devastated. 

Washed up onto the nightmare shores of Earthland, and moments from a horrific death, she is rescued by the enigmatic Tanis Kane. An emotional journey shapes the growth and strength of Savannah’s character, and amongst a dangerous environment, her relationship with Tanis flourishes. However, she still fears for Beth’s safety, and returns to Opulence. She confronts Jago in a violent clash, which leaves him with an insane fury for revenge... 

Earthland is a gripping tale where survival, revenge and love weave through violent and tender relationships to bring the characters together and create bonds, division and moral conflict in a place where humanity and nature are guilty of creating a divided and dangerous world. It will appeal to young adults aged 13+.

A stand alone dystopian novel for teens and young adults - EARTHLAND.
The Frog Trilogy - Frog, Frog and the Sandspiders & Frog and the Tree of Spells. The fourth and last book in the series is due for release in 2021.

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Joffre White

A UK Patron of Reading for Schools and a member of the National Association of Writers in Education, As a professional author, he has been actively promoting the importance of reading, literacy and creative writing by visiting primary and secondary schools, colleges, libraries and events across the U.K. delivering his acclaimed, interactive, motivational and inspiring sessions designed to excite and energise young people's imagination and interest in the power of words.Touring since 2010 taking and having made more than a thousand appearances, featuring on BBC Radio, and appearing at events including, Appledore Book Festival, Furness LitFest, Berkshire Book Awards, Sherborne Literary Festival, Wells Festival of Literature Schools' Programme, Hampshire Children In Care Awards, Penzance Literary Festival, The Concorde Book Award, Swindon Festival of Youth Literature, The Earl's Court Literacy Festival and The Frome Festival.

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