Troubador Danny Daydream

Released: 05/08/2010

ISBN: 9781848763555

Format: Paperback

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Danny Daydream


Do you ever have adventures in your head? At school do you let your mind go off on a journey when you should be doing something else? Do your parents, brothers or sisters often have to say your name more than once to get you to listen?

Well, in that case you’re probably a bit like Dan. Dan’s mind is always wandering off on adventures. Sometimes these daydreams get him into trouble because he forgets to do things. At other times grown-ups seem to get cross because they can’t see what’s going on inside his head.

Sometimes his daydreams are scary, sometimes sad and sometimes funny, but most of the time, Dan’s daydreams are great adventures.

Danny Daydream, best-selling children's book at Shrewsbury Waterstone's, has risen to be the store's number one best-selling book. Book signings have been booked by a number of Waterstone's stores in the Midlands and North West.

The Shrewsbury Chronicle

The Shrewsbury Chronicle

Shropshire Star, December 2010

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Arabella  Armstrong

Arabella Armstrong was born and brought up in Lancashire. She now lives in Shropshire with her

husband and two sons and works as a primary school teacher. When not teaching or writing stories, Arabella

enjoys singing, reading, being outside and eating chocolate. Danny Daydream is her first book.

Arabella Armstrong

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