Troubador Coullian Cuill

Released: 28/07/2017

ISBN: 9781788035378

eISBN: 9781788032278

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Coullian Cuill

Apprentice Ghost Guardian


Whatever you know about ghosts – forget it. They don’t haunt, go headless or vanish in white floaty sheets. But they do have a tendency to reek like foul, rotting flesh – something that Sethaliss, a soul-stealing Grey Ghost masquerading as the village undertaker, is somewhat proud of. With extendable cracking bones and a retractable extra finger, he’s a master of deception and disguise, as well as the ruthless enemy of Creeven, where the good ghosts live. Coullian Cuill is a twelve-year-old who’s lost his father, been abandoned by his mother and is living with his grandmother in a rear-end-of-nowhere village. When a strange letter arrives inviting him to compete for the role of Ghost Guardian Apprentice, Creeven’s sworn protectors on earth, he has little hesitation in applying. With bruiser best friend Rawsy as his Assistant, Coullian is trained in everything ghost, from the tell-tale signs to spot a living ghost to the 3Gs (Gadgets for Grey Ghosts). When Sethaliss learns that Coullian is to be the next Apprentice, their relationship rapidly deteriorates – culminating in endeavours to chop off Coullian’s head, attempts at poison, and getting his trusted Assassin to murder him. When all this fails, he then tries his bony hand at kidnapping... On All Souls’ Night, when souls rise from graves to become good ghosts or Greys, Sethaliss is desperate to discover the secret entrance into Creeven. With time running out, Sethaliss gives Coullian an impossible choice: his life for Rawsy’s, a soul for a soul. Coullian must prove what he’s willing to do to save others – even after all he’s lost – to show that he’s got what it takes to become the next Ghost Guardian Apprentice. Coullian Cuill: Apprentice Ghost Guardian is a coffin-cracking adventure that will appeal to all lovers of scary, sharp comedy aged 10+.

Calling all kids (adults too, if you're dead keen on ghosts) to send a drawing of your favourite Coullian Cuill character to [email protected] and she'll post it on the gallery of her website, with the best in each category winning a prize!

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BBC Oxford

Heard Riti Bridie on BBC Radio Oxford and loved the interview so much that I bought the book.

I've already finished it – it's fantastic – and my niece and nephew have been fighting over who reads it next.

Lots of action, humour and just the right amount of scary. Great characters – Spade, the gravedigger, is my nephew's favourite. But Sethaliss, the bad ghost, steals the show for me. It's a great read!

by Elliott Streetly

Though I am not an avid reader of the horror genre, I found this book very enjoyable. Without giving plot details, the book takes elements of horror stories and uses them in an inviting way.

Young readers, as well as older readers, would enjoy this book. This was a unique reading experience for me.

by JD DeHart

A really great novel! God I loved it! so cosey and mysterious and just magical. I'd definitely read this for kids around 12-15 and they'd love it at my local library!

by Aaron Fredriksson

Absolutely loved this book. I bought it for my son, after hearing the author on the radio. He loved it so much that I thought I'd give it a go. The author manages to strike the perfect balance between scary and humorous. Highly recommended.

by Mr. T. Lee

The cover and synopsis of this novel both sparked my curiosity; hence, I immediately requested a copy. If you are into horror with a hint of comedic included; you will definitely enjoy this light-read book.

by Shai M

Such a good read. It has all the ingredients of a good children's book; the ghosts, the adventures, goodies vs baddies. The principal baddie is just awful! More than that though I thought it captured so well that lovely part of childhood where we forge close friendships and start to make our own adventures together. The characters are unusual and well written, drawings at the front helpful in pointing them all out. Website is a welcome addition and gives an excellent intro to all the characters too. There is at times a dark humour that reminded me of Roald Dahl's stories and an ickiness that children love. In that sense you and your children will enjoy reading it. I'm already intending to pass it on to another friend with children. I hope there will be more from Coullian, he's a keeper.

by Louise

Coullian is the first boy apprentice ghost guardian. What is that? What is unusual about Coullian is alive not dead. This is supposedly never done. I'm stopping the information about the story as I don't want to give anything away.

The author wrote his novel with a comic approach to this ghost story. It's not the type of comedy that will make you laugh out loud but it will give you some smiles. At first I found it difficult to understand the story but not for long. The ending of this novel made me wonder if there will be a sequel.

by Susan Mahaffey

Coullian Cuill Apprentice Ghost Guardian by Riti Bridie was received direct from the publisher. To start off, the book is not your run of the mill, all too common, horror novel. The author uses imagination to write about new or unusual topics that keep the reader engaged and not zoning. The book is young adult and is comedic horror that never bogs down with inane dialogue. If your ‘tween likes horror, you could not go wrong buying this one for them.

by Jeffrey Wells

Coullian has been chosen as the next Ghost Guardian. What he experiences from that point on changes his life and the lives of those around him, forever. This is a great horror story for younger readers. There's the right mix of horror and humor, and the characters are so well written.

by Lizzy Walker

Coullian Cuill was such a fun, quick read. While it might be a bit quirky and odd for some, I think this horror fiction novel is the perfect pre-Halloween choice. As this book has already been published, I promptly purchased it for our school library collection as soon as I finished reading, and after discussing it with my student book club group, I already have a list of readers ready to check it out as soon as it arrives.

by Shelby Slay

This odd title piqued my interest and the cover is just amazing.

Coullian Cuill is a horror ghost story, perfect for this time of year and I was interested in the character.

Coullian Cuill is the first boy apprentice ghost guardian and he is alive not dead, which makes this fun and quirky tale unusual and intriguing.

While I think this book will not to everyone's taste, I did like it. It has a humorous edge and along with the ghostly goings on was very entertaining.

by Tracy Shephard

Riti Bridie

Riti Bridie once starred as a witch and has seen a ghost - salivating credentials in the cut-throat (hers usually) business consultancy world she comes from. She currently lives in Oxford.

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