Troubador Cop, Stock & Rock

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838593919

Format: Paperback

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Cop, Stock & Rock


After overhearing some customers chatting during his otherwise boring shift in South London, Gabe learns of brands that produce and sell clothes in limited quantities; where demand far outstrips supply. He tells his best mates, Omari and Tommy, and they decide to throw themselves into the money-making scheme.

They start off slowly, just dipping their toes in by travelling into central London for in-store releases. They soon travel down to Bournemouth where they successfully queue up overnight for a pair of sneakers. Gabe wins another pair from an online raffle back in London, but on his way back he sells the pair he already won, only to find out the buyer paid in fake notes. After that fiasco he goes to buy the other pair; he almost gets mugged, but he manages to get away by the skin of his teeth.

Later, Gabe, Omari and Tommy are invited to a house party by Gabe’s older sister, Louise. There, Omari is introduced to Fran, who tries to recruit him to work for the same company as she does, marketed as a ‘talent agency’.

After a mad collaborative release in London that ends in police being called to control a frenzied mob, the story ends in Paris. With estimated resale profits to be in the thousands, it’s a hectic event and the odds of having a successful entry is miniscule. Fran pulls some strings, so the trio manage to reserve their pair.

At the release Gabe spots his sister, who admits that she is there because she is a prominent reseller. Once back at the hotel, Fran whisks Omari off to meet her boss. Omari, however, takes an instant disliking to him and rejects his business proposal to become a ‘famous influencer’ in return for signing away his life.

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