Troubador Clash of the Totems and the Catastrophe of Callistus

Released: 28/11/2022

ISBN: 9781803134840

Format: Paperback

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Clash of the Totems and the Catastrophe of Callistus


Alone you can make a change, but together we make a difference. 

Join Ellery in her second year at the Quinton Earth Science School as one by one, another friend goes missing — lost without a trace. But Ellery is also on the verge of losing herself. Unable to cope with being the chosen one to bring back balance to Mother Earth, she's hell-bent on scorning those that love her most.

Conflicted about her feelings, and considering the prospect of siding with the most nefarious person on the planet, she blatantly disobeys her teachers, leading her closest classmates into jeopardy. Now she must battle with nature’s most powerful totem and risk losing everything to save her friends - but will she ultimately give away humanity’s last chance to remain on the planet in the process?

One last nail-biting adventure in the ultimate totem battle in this concluding story of Clash of the Totems, where the Earth’s fate hinges once more with this reckless, but extraordinarily brave teenager.

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Yonnie Garber

Yonnie Garber is a foot doctor (podiatrist) turned word-charmer (author). Her attention has inevitably progressed from ailments of feet to where those feet tread. An ardent member of the WWF she is passionate about increasing awareness of the destructive human impact on our environment through children's tales of adventure.

Yonnie Garber
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