Troubador Chosen

Released: 01/07/2012

ISBN: 9781780881911

Format: Paperback

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Josh, an 11-year-old boy living in Leeds, is thrown into turmoil when his single mum goes into hospital. He is forced to live with one of his uncles, the disciplinarian Nathan, near Whitby on the Yorkshire coast. But when his other uncle, the bohemian Rupert, unexpectedly takes Josh to stay with him in his caravan at Whitby, Josh is propelled into a world that will change his life forever...

The mysterious Rachel befriends Josh and foretells an unthinkable destiny for him which spirals into further confusion when Nathan eventually collects Josh from Rupert. As Josh explores Nathan’s rambling house, he discovers the Bergen Prophecy, a thousand-year-old legend that predicts the return of the brutal Viking, Harald Greycloak. The warrior’s mission is to destroy Whitby in revenge for the death of his father, Eric Bloodaxe, the ruthless former king of Jorvik (York). Josh discovers the painting of the Viking heroine Freyja, The Shield Maiden, in Nathan’s house; a portrait that bears an uncanny resemblance to Rachel. When he uncovers a secret hidden in the walls of the house, the truth about Josh, his fate and the house is evident. He has been chosen to protect Whitby against Greycloak – but what will he do when he comes face to face with his destiny? Is Rachel telling him the whole story, and what greater havoc is about to be unleashed on Josh and his friends?

A modern-day tale with a Viking mythology twist, Chosen is a gripping work of adventure fiction that will appeal to children aged nine to 12. Author Neil has been inspired by a number of authors, including Michelle Paver, Rick Riordan and Michael Morpurgo.

Chosen won the Gold award in the 9-12 year-old category of the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2012.

Waterstones in Leeds have offered to host a book signing on Sat 7 July - big thanks to Kieran at Waterstones for his support and help..

A primary school in East Leeds have offered me a chance to do a reading to their Book Club.

Jigsaw, the fashion retailer in Leeds, is planning to hold an event which will include a reading to children of Chosen; many thanks to Jenny, the Manager, for her support.

Jonny Dempster is developing a website and social media platform to promote Chosen - he's a star.

Cathryn Perkins has kindly offered me the chance to join the judging panel of the British Thyroid Foundation Crime Writing Competition. Many thanks to her for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to being involved and good luck to Cathryn and the Foundation in all their excellent work.

A former Child Therapist in Mental Health writes of Chosen:
'An exciting world of adventure woven with an uplifting spiritual message. All against a backdrop of kind loving adults and friends. In short - everything every child longs for! Love it.'

Neil gave a talk to 7-11 yr old pupils at Bramley St Peter's Primary School, Leeds, receiving an enthusiastic reception from children and Staff alike. Neil has been invited back in the autumn to reopen their new library.

On 11 July Neil is giving a talk to Yr 5 pupils at Shire Oak Primary School, Leeds in advance of them taking 30 copies of Chosen for their summer reading project.

Shakespeare Primary School, Leeds are taking 30 copies of Chosen to use as a source text for their autumn residential visit to Whitby.

The Magpie Cafe, Whitby, have kindly offered to stock copies of Chosen. One of the scenes, a joyful and significant occasion, is set in The Magpie. Massive thanks to Ian Robson at The Magpie. By the way, the food and the staff are amazing. I thoroughly recommend it if you've not already visited.

Neil gave a talk to Key Stage 2 pupils (7-11 yrs) at Cross Gates Primary School, Leeds on 3 October. The pupils were really keen and asked some great questions about Chosen and reading and writing generally. Thanks to the staff for their great support.

In association with Jigsaw, the fashion retailer, Neil is holding an event for children at 3pm on Sunday 24 March at the Leeds store in the Victoria Quarter. Proceeds from sales of books will go to Martin House, the children's hospice. The event will include readings from the book, games and quizzes. Refreshments will be provided by Jigsaw staff.

Neil has won the Wishing Shelf Award in the 9-12 yrs category for children's fiction.

Chosen has been shortlisted for the Stockton Children's Book of the Year which will be judged by children in March 2014

The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide, Autumn 2012

North Leeds Life

An exciting world of adventure woven with an uplifting spiritual message. All against a backdrop of kind loving adults and friends. In short - everything every child longs for! Love it.

by Former Child Therapist in Mental Health

Neil Harrison

A former Human Resources Manager with a multinational company, Neil has undertaken various creative writing and screenwriting courses at Leeds University. He has co-produced a feature film released nationally in cinemas and worked with young people as a youth leader, junior football coach and Sunday school teacher. He has two grown up children and lives in Leeds with his wife who is a primary school teacher.

Illustrator, Dawn, gained a First in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art & Design. She created the artwork for the adult action novel, Rough Cut, by Owen Carey Jones. Dawn also lives in Leeds.

Neil Harrison

Dawn Carey Jones
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