Troubador Chimera Book Two

Released: 15/10/2014

eISBN: 9781784628123

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Chimera Book Two


Kyp Finnegan’s adventures in Chimera continue, as an unexpected turn of events forces him to make a dangerous alliance with an old foe. New enemies abound, as Kyp confronts a vengeful ventriloquist dummy and does battle with hordes of human-hating mannequins. As loyalties change and secrets are revealed, Kyp will find something precious in Chimera, but he will lose everything too…

The first reviews for Chimera Book One have started to trickle through - and the news is good! Thanks very much, loyal reader!

"If you've ever wondered what happened to the sock that never came back from the wash, or the scissors that simply upped and walked away , here's everything you need to know. This book will enthral and delight anyone, whatever their age, who has lost something dear to them, or felt lost themselves. With racing, tumbling, headlong action and a love of language and imagery that infuses every page, I have a feeling this might become a favourite." C.S. (Amazon)

"Just finished book one of this trilogy and went and bought the second two straight away. Chimera is such a lively and enjoyable read it made me look forward to my daily commute which is often the only time when I get to read for pleasure. The books absorbs you in its beautifully imagined world of extraordinary characters from the start and the writing crackles and fizzes along, never flagging for a minute. Thoroughly enjoyed it!" Philip Cooper (Amazon)

New reviews for Chimera Book 3:

"In this final part of the Chimera trilogy questions are answered, mysteries revealed and loose ends from across the whole story arc are tied up, but there are many surprises along the way! A rip-roaring roller-coaster of a tale that never loses its heart or emotional depth, I'm missing the characters now I've finished the book. I've given Chimera five stars because it's not often that I read something that is packed with such action and imagination but that can also make me laugh out loud and be so moved that I'm welling up; I just loved it. What do I do now? Wait for the movie, and the action figures, please let there be action figures..." Philip Cooper (Amazon)

"Wow! This tale is really dark (and quite gruesome) in places and yet it is shot through with love and friendship, helpless giggles - (a plastic potted palm and a knitted rabbit? Really?) - and welling tears. The themes of loss, and change, and learning underpin much of the narrative, but do not impinge upon the forward impetus of the story-telling. Like all good tales, it leaves the reader with a dilemma; torn between wanting Kyp and Sprat to be home and safe, but not wanting the adventure to end. There's only one way to resolve that - read the whole trilogy again!" C.S. (Amazon)


The Reading Wench


Kyp Finnegan’s adventures in Chimera continue - an entertaining follow up but darker.

by Lorraine Baker

Phil Gomm

As a course leader for a successful animation course, my day job is preoccupied with storytelling, escapism, and larger-than-life characters and alternate worlds - which makes me rather lucky.

I’ve always written fiction. One school report said, ‘we don’t so much mark Phil’s stories, as put our feet up with a cup of tea’.

In addition to the Chimera books, I've written two novels for adults, and I'm in the business of finishing a third.

Phil Gomm

Chimera Book One
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