Troubador Chief Inspector Maigret Visits London

Released: 01/08/2013

ISBN: 9781783060337

eISBN: 9781783069248

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Chief Inspector Maigret Visits London

A tale of two forces


Chief Inspector Maigret’s brief May holiday in London serves up a tale of evil people planning wicked deeds:?they’re definitely not the usual criminals he’s used to dealing with at Police?Nationale headquarters in Paris!?Oh no, this lot is a very different kettle of fish: most of them are piranhas.  

The Eurostar has barely arrived at St.?Pancras before he’s being followed.?Next he receives an invitation to an event that he would rather avoid, but is coerced into attending. Then he discovers that a woman he’d hoped never to see again is living nearby and that Scotland Yard expects him to interrogate her on their behalf. Then the first body turns up... 

Next take a Cambridge undergraduate, add a dodgy character named Slippery Sid and throw in a really dreadful creature, together with a large piece of garlic. Stir briskly, then finish with a crème caramel!?What will be the result??Why, another fine old mess, of course, that will prove the very devil of a job for Philippe Maigret to fix before his end of June deadline. Can he, and Scotland Yard, do it??Or will they need the help of a brave amateur? 

Like the first two books in this trilogy, Chief Inspector Maigret Visits London will appeal to children aged 12+.

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In "Chief Inspector Maigret Visits London," Margaret de Rohan has written yet another rip-roaring good read for 12+ year olds. In aiming at the slightly older reader she has also managed to move not only her characters on a-pace but has with wit, humour and intrigue started to address more sophisticated themes.

In introducing the implicit professional rivalry between the Chief Inspectors Maigret and Scott cultural differences and diversities between the French and English and their respective Police Forces are sensitively and amusingly highlighted.

Maigret's sidekicks, Georges Martin and Jacques are fleshed-out as the storyline unfolds and in an interesting twist become central to the plot. Characters new to the reader such as Chief Inspector Scott and Sergeant Andy Gillespie and the loveable small-time criminal Slippery Sam add truly British comedic moments during their interview sessions conducted at Scotland Yard.

The themes embraced in this novel invite the young and not so you reader to ponder the age old conundrum of whether evil is simply the absence of good or if there are truly two opposing forces of Good. and Evil, confronting us all.

Above all, what we have wrapped up here in "Inspector Maigret Visits London" is a thoroughly pacey and rollicking "Who Dunnit" for readers of all ages.

by P'Aussie

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