Troubador Charlie's World of Glittering Powers

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784624736

eISBN: 9781784626327

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Charlie's World of Glittering Powers


Charlie’s World of Glittering Powers is split between the forests and vineyards of Provence and a bustling Cornish fishing village. The tale follows Charlie, a rare breed allergy-prone cigale (aka a Snuffle-Buzzer). Charlie is talkative, inquisitive, and daydreams of adventure-filled travel. Sevi, a nature-loving Cornish girl yearns to unravel the mystery that is hidden within the pages of an old winegrower’s violet book. While on holiday with her parents in Provence, she soon finds that the forest and its inhabitants aren’t as quiet as she initially thought… Before long, one single golden sparkle sets in motion a mystical turn of events, which lead Charlie and Sevi to embark upon a thrilling adventure. The perfect book for children aged 8 and over, Charlie’s World of Glittering Powers evokes the innocence and wonder of childhood.



The Book Fairies will be mixing fairy dust with Charlie's glittering powers as they pop copies of my book on the London Underground on Thursday 16th February 2017. Books on the Underground - Campaign Charlie. Happy hunting!

Many thanks to Cordelia and Sarah - BOTUG

2016 has seen Charlie buzzing around the world, so I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting my debut writing project. It's been an incredible year.

Thanks to Perfectly Provence for featuring Charlie, my very own fantastic bug, on their website.

If you visit The London Book Fair in 2016 you will see Charlie's World of Glittering Powers on the Troubador stand 2C70. I will also be attending the fair on this day.


School Visit: White Hall Academy 16th March 2016. I will be talking to the pupils and reading from Charlie's World of Glittering Powers.

I am delighted to say that I have a live interview with Tiffany Truscott on BBC Radio Cornwall - Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 3.30pm GMT. We will be talking about Charlie's World of Glittering Powers. Please tune in. (The BBC provide a listen again option - available for 29 days.)

Charlie's World of Glittering Powers is being showcased in the Winter Collection 2015/16 for the People's Book Prize. It can be voted for between 1st December 2015 - 29th February 2016. This book prize is voted for by the public and not a panel of judges. Please pass on the word, and if you feel happy to do so kindly place your vote. The link is below. Thank you!

Many thanks for the great reviews and features!

I am pleased to say that my pre-record interview with Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe took place on 1st December 2015. The interview will be aired soon. Update: Broadcast = 21st January 2016.

Thanks to Writers and Artists for posting my new blog on their website - 'How I Met Matador Books'. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanks to Jojo Debrazza, author of The Charm, for wishing Charlie a Happy Release Day and hosting a post about Charlie's magical world on her site:

Charlie tells me that the Mistral wind has blown glittering powers your way. A big thank you goes to Matador, booksellers, librarians and of course to my readers! Enjoy! For those who prefer to read in an electronic format, Charlie's World of Glittering Powers is now available as an ebook.

I am extremely pleased to present my mystical adventure book for children. Charlie's World of Glittering Powers is set in Cornwall and France. The beautifully illustrated full cover by Leo Hartas (illustrator of the Tweenies books for BBC Worldwide, Haunted Castle and The Apartment Book, to name but a few) introduces my two main characters, Charlie and Sevi.

Perfectly Provence

Jojo Debrazza

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That's Books and Entertainment

Charlie's World of Glittering Powers is a magical book that is beautifully written and literally transports you to both Cornwall and France. Full of magical adventure. Strongly recommend!

by Christine

5 out of 5 stars

An adorable tale that I didn't want to end. Full of magic and whimsy, this would fit right in in any child's bookshelf. I would love to read more of Charlie and his world!

by Angie Blackstone

A beautifully crafted tale of adventure and magic, featuring a very likeable Snuffle-Buzzer and lots of his forest friends. It is full of action, with a compelling story line which I am sure children will enjoy!

by Xenia

Charlie is an Snuffle-Buzzer with allergies. He loves to ask questions and daydream. There is also a girl named Sevi. She is trying to uncover a mystery in a book. While traveling to Provence, she discovers the noises of the woods. While exploring Sevi and Charlie go on an adventure.

I love this book and look forward to sharing it with my grandchildren. It says that it is for children over the age of 8 but I think as a read along, or for those children that love books, this recommendation could go a little younger.

I am so glad that I was given this book by NetGalley and Troubadour Publishing in exchange for my honest review. This book took me back decades, when I would sit down with a book like this and read it again and again.

by Kimberly Napier

A wonderful enchanting tale of adventures, set in Cornwall and France, it is a truly enjoyable book to read which would capture any child's imagination.

by T Harvey

The story was great fun. I look forward to reading more adventures about Sevi and Charlie.

An superb adventure and one in which you are right with Charlie and Sevi, will be loved by all those who embark on the magical journey !

A captivating, magical story full of adventure and interesting characters. Children of all ages with imagination will love this!

What a delightful story! This author clearly has a passion for the subject. It is presented in a way that should encourage a young reader to appreciate nature, while being taken on an adventure sure to capture their imagination.

Wonderful enchanting book, really enjoyed reading it

Beautiful book

Utterly enchanting, in lovely settings and with highly individual characters - a great read!

Amazing reading, I love it

Superb book

A brilliant and imaginative adventure.

A beautifully written book that encourages children to use their imagination.

Well written, exciting book.

Magical! Literally transports you from Cornwall to Provence

by Selection of comments from People's Book Prize

Tracy Rawles

After thirty years in challenging and rewarding careers in administration, education and pathology, Tracy now expresses her passion for wildlife and the countryside through her writing and photography.

Now living in Provence and having adored Cornwall since her first visit to relatives as a young child, Tracy decided to incorporate both locations in Charlie’s World of Glittering Powers, thereby forming the perfect backdrop for this mystical children’s tale.


Introducing Charlie
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