Troubador Chameleon

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838593698

eISBN: 9781838596583

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Does it have to cost the Earth to find out who we really are?


Shortly before the fall of Atlantis, genetic engineers create three new prototypes, Kam, Mel and Leon, the first humans to have blue eyes and shapeshifting capabilities. 

With climatic conditions on Earth spinning rapidly out of control, it seems the future of Atlantean civilization depends entirely on whether the three test subjects can find a way to work together to solve the deepening crisis. 

But first they need to find each other.

Sarah's new book, 'CHAMELEON', a YA title also in the cli-fi genre about three genetically engineered humans, came out on 28th June 2020. It is set during the fall of Atlantis, which Sarah believes was destroyed during an earlier period of intense climate change.

A truly wide-ranging adventure in time and space focussing on 3 intriguingly different characters and their roles and inter-relationships. The book also opens a window on the deep history of human civilisation and on how that history might help in our present climate dilemma and in its possible solution.

by Bob Chaplin

Sarah Holding

Having been a postman, an architect, a university professor and a development consultant, Sarah Holding is now a full-time author. She lives in Surrey in a funny old house with a leaning tower with her husband and her three teenage children. She loves vegan food, good coffee and modern jazz.

Sarah's debut middlegrade fiction book 'SeaBEAN' was published in 2013, which is set on the island of St Kilda in Scotland and belongs to the new genre of 'cli-fi' or climate fiction. 'SeaWAR' and 'SeaRISE' came out in 2014, completing 'the SeaBEAN Trilogy', which was republished in a compendium edition in 2018.

Sarah has given creative writing workshops, assemblies and attended author events at more than 150 schools, festivals and libraries. She has appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Culture Show, her books have been widely reviewed. She was commissioned to write an article about 'cli-fi' for Guardian Children's Books and gave a TEDx talk about 'cli-fi' in 2016.

Author Sarah Holding

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