Troubador Celia and Granny Meg Return to Paris

Released: 01/05/2012

ISBN: 9781780882437

eISBN: 9781780888422

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Celia and Granny Meg Return to Paris

The man with no face


This book is the second in Margaret de Rohan’s trilogy and the follow-up to Celia and?Granny Meg to go Paris: A?Survival Guide. Celia and Granny Meg return to Paris to give their evidence at the trial of Bruno Escargot, who murdered The Professor, the architect of the secret plans for the nuclear defence of the French Republic, and stole those plans. This time, the travellers expect a trouble-free visit to the French capital, but nothing could be further from the truth...

No sooner do they arrive at Gare du Nord than the surprises start. As the intimidation escalates with the unwelcome arrival of ten perfectly-formed but very dead snails on their doorstep one morning, a number of questions must be urgently answered. Who is trying to kill them? Who were the sinister men behind the plot to abduct Celia? What is Bruno Escargot up to now? And what have Prince Charles’ ears got to do with the price of poisson?

It must be time for Celia and Granny Meg to remove their gloves and take matters into their own four hands again!

Anorak, November 2012

Books Monthly,

Brilliant sequel to Celia and Granny Meg go to Paris: a survival guide’ ... Sparkling dialogue, hectic set pieces, a fantastic mystery to solve, shades of Enid Blyton and elements of farce, but at the same time there’s an overwhelming sense of real history about this. Sheer entertainment, children will love it!

by Paul Norman, editor of (June 2012)

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