Troubador Celia and Granny Meg go to Paris

Released: 01/06/2011

ISBN: 9781848766501

Format: Paperback

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Celia and Granny Meg go to Paris

A survival guide


Celia and Granny Meg Go to Paris:?a survival guide is a charming children's story. It contains life lessons as well as historical facts about French life and how to be a polite tourist. In a rash moment, Granny Meg promises Celia, her eldest grandchild and only granddaughter, a three-day visit to Paris by Eurostar as a tenth birthday treat. During their time in Paris they will try to speak only French, something Celia's Dad feels would result in a very quiet few days if it ever actually happened. But Fate suddenly intervenes and their visit to Paris turns out to be anything but quiet...

On Celia and Granny Meg’s first afternoon, they are involved in an incident at the Eiffel Tower which catapults them into a different scenario.  But even after an attempted theft the next morning, they fail to realise that they have become the targets of some very unpleasant characters who will stop at nothing to get what they want from them.. Before long, they are being followed all over Paris by dangerous criminals who are involved in a crime that threatens the security of the French Republic itself. It is then up to Celia and Granny Meg, the most unlikely crime fighting duo ever, to save the day. But first they must save themselves, and that might not be so easy...

Inspired by true events, Celia and Granny Meg Go to Paris: a survival guide will appeal to children aged 9-12.  The author herself is inspired by Rumer Godden who has written numerous books including The Greengage Summer which is Margaret’s personal favourite.

Anorak Magazine, November 2011

Primary Times,, June 2011

Books Monthly,, June 2011

What a fabulous way to find out about France, its culture and its history! Charming, delightful, funny, and with all the landmark action sequences that children will love. First rate entertainment, very amusing, but at the same time educational and fun. The perfect children's story.’

by Paul Norman, Editor,

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