Troubador Brian Dright: Weatherman of Mystery

Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788039802

Format: Paperback

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Brian Dright: Weatherman of Mystery


Little does the world know that Brian Dright, the popular weatherman at Channel 57, is also a secret agent working for the Super Legendary Earth Environment Team. (S.L.E.E.T.)

Worrying intell has been intercepted and his commander, the news anchor Anne Finely, sends Brian to investigate snow in the Sahara desert. Turns out it’s the work of Sahara Snow, evil agent of S.M.O.G.

Even with the latest gear from the Channel 57 research lab, Brian is soon captured in the desert. He is interrogated by Sahara but makes a bargain with her which results in the whole operation relocating to the North Pole. Once there, Brian slips away from his dim guards and attempts to destroy Sahara’s weather machine. She, however, is somewhat more alert and recaptures Brian before he can throw the self-destruct switch.

Secured in an ice cell, Brian learns he is to be made into a trophy for the Head of S.M.O.G. He frees himself by melting the ice with his own red-hot rear after eating bowl after bowl of chilli.

Brian tears through the base and faces Sahara. She is too busy melting the polar icecap to bother with Brian so she releases her monstrous mutant pet, Zawinul. Brian and Zawinul have a lovely deadly game of chase in the snow which leaves one of them a charred bundle of blackened fur and the other a very relieved weatherman.

With no-one left to assist her, Sahara knows she must finish off the meddling meteorologist herself. In a final showdown amongst the ruins of the disintegrating secret base, Brian and Sahara both know that only one of them will walk (well, swim, probably) free. Who will it be?

Coming soon: Brian Dright vs. Evvi Schauer

Oh. That sort of gives the end of this one away, doesn’t it. Sorry. Note: Between each chapter you’ll find more about the ongoing conflict between S.L.E.E.T. and S.M.O.G. See if YOU can break the Wind Code!

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