Troubador Box 1571

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Released: 28/07/2015

ISBN: 9781784622930

Format: Paperback

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Box 1571


The Talbot family is in trouble. The business is collapsing, Mum can’t stop crying, and Ella will do anything to help. So when she finds thousands of pounds in Dad’s secret post office box, she thinks that all her problems have been solved. But thousands of pounds lead into six extraordinary rooms, and then Ella’s problems really begin. The money is hers, but she must win it by completing dangerous challenges in unknown places. With only her wits and the mysterious voice of ‘Finder’ to guide her, Ella navigates a pitch-black pathway, entertains evil executives, and escapes from vicious scorbsters. In Dark Rooms, Bored Rooms and Sale Rooms, she passes challenge after challenge, collecting more of the money and giving it to her parents without them knowing its origins. Yet with each conquest, Ella’s goal seems to move further and further away. The money brings new challenges that are much closer to home. She must follow the right path and learn the lessons of loyalty, determination and friendship before it’s too late. How will Ella save her family without Box 1571 destroying everything she has? Box 1571 is a fast-paced fantastical adventure that will appeal to readers aged eight-twelve.

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5 Girls Book Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

What a fantastic first book for R. M. Tudor. Ella is an eleven year old with some problems, her family is behind in all their finances. Her dad asks her to go to the Post Office and get whatever is in Box 1571. Like Alice in Wonderland she gets sucked into the box and has fantastic adventures. I thought the lobster scorpion (Scorbster) was a great idea. Follow Ella through her adventures at the Post Office and beyond.

by Bill Tillman

R. M. Tudor

R. M. Tudor grew up in North Staffordshire. After studying at the universities of Cambridge and Nottingham, she taught geography in Oxford before returning to Staffordshire in 2014. She spent six months living in Australia prior to the start of her teaching career. It was there that she had the idea for Box 1571.

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