Troubador Atlantis Star

Released: 28/07/2014

eISBN: 9781783066254

Format: eBook

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Atlantis Star


Atlantis Star is a captivating dual-time novel that readers aged 8-14 will love. Uniting elements of mythology, wildlife and environmental issues in one gripping story, Imogen Tovey has created an alternative Atlantis; a mythical city where dolphins and humans live side-by-side in harmony, protecting a powerful secret, the Atlantis Star. Growing up on Atlantis was perfect; the children and dolphins had loads of fun together, but the secret they were hiding eventually destroyed the city, which plunged beneath the waves. Now centuries have passed and the modern world has largely forgotten how it used to be, apart from a few humans who are determined to track down the powerful Atlantis Star – and who will do anything to find it. Jacob Eldis and his father travel to the Bahamas to spy on Maddy and CJ and their dolphin, Indigo, all descendents of the last Atlantans, hoping that they’ll lead them to the fabled Atlantis Star. As Jacob struggles with loyalty to his father, and CJ and Maddy begin to understand what is at stake, a story of great adventure and danger unfolds...

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Imogen Tovey

I grew up in the forest of Dean, leaving home at just 16 to live in London. I went to the London college of fashion. Having gained a qualification in tailoring I became a police officer, not a natural progression but a challenge I have enjoyed and worked hard at since. I am dyslexic which has made life difficult for me at times; in school at work and writing my books.

My love of Dolphins started when I was 22 and went on holiday to the Bahamas, since then I have traveled far and wide to swim and learn about these amazing creatures. I started wondering why at so many locations around the world and throughout history there were dolphins, who decided to live solitary lives seeking out interactions with humans instead of living with their own in pods.

Read the books; Maddy's Dolphin and Atlantis Star, it could be the explanation.

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