Troubador Archie Brevitt's Amazing Chivalric Escapade

Released: 28/02/2016

ISBN: 9781785890901

Format: Paperback

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Archie Brevitt's Amazing Chivalric Escapade

A Medieval Caper


Archie Brevitt is in for a shock – not only is he a wizard (news to him) but rumour has it his missing parents were infamous thieves and murderers! Unexpectedly back in the magical world surrounding Crackenridge Castle, Archie’s arrival is met with suspicion and gossip. He is quickly drawn into a race to be first to recover treasure hidden long ago in the castle walls and finds himself in possession of a mysterious and valuable golden gem – a magical gem that the powerful wizard, Erron Goulding, will stop at nothing to steal. Full of the extraordinary, with gargoyles, medieval knights, witches and wizards.

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