Troubador An Army of Good

Released: 28/05/2015

ISBN: 9781784623265

Format: Paperback

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An Army of Good


Grace and her best friend Christian are whisked through the magical land of Liberty upon the back of the noble Zavier. The powerful Shire horse takes them to the relative safety of Serenity Sunrise Beach, where they frolic upon the golden sands and splash playfully within the turquoise waters. They form many close bonds with the creatures of the realm and much fun is had. But this enjoyment does not last long, for as the sun shines brightly on Serenity, the darkness within the swamp is growing, the evil is spreading and the Nomeds are getting bolder. Grace and Christian embark on a magical roller coaster ride of emotions. They help select an army of good, an extraordinary legion of creatures that are to fight in the battle against the Nomeds. And so the children commence with their training and prepare for war… a war between good and evil.

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K.D. Faerydae

K.D. Faerydae lives near the fishing town of Hastings. She's currently taking a break from veterinary nursing to spend time with loved ones, writing and travelling. A lover of all things fantasy, K.D's gifted imagination led her husband to advise she write a book... and so she did!

K.D. Faerydae... Magical in every way!

K.D. Faerydae
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