Troubador Ampheus

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789015119

eISBN: 9781789018998

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Jonathan Forth brings us an epic battle of good versus evil in his first fantasy novels for readers aged 12 years and over. 

In Jonathan Forth’s Four Realms books, the Dark Lord, Gorath, sets out to bring the Four Realms under his dominion. He and his terrifying horde army, callous horsemen, the Janshai, and beasts from the caverns of Dern from the depths of Gamura, seek the three totems from each of the other realms to give him the power to achieve control. 

The proud and noble King of Terramis, and his castle, Ampheus stand in his way. Laying siege to Ampheus, Gorath plans to capture the castle with the help of his spy behind the castle walls. 

Can the ambassadors of Ampheus steer clear of the traps laid by Gorath aimed to prevent them reaching the other realms capital cities with their pleas for help. And will the other realms send their armies in time to come to the aid of Ampheus before the castle falls? It is a time for brave heroes, chivalry and self sacrifice. Luckily for the realms, many have this in abundance. All hope is not lost quite yet!

That's Books

The characterisation is good in Four Realms Ampheus. There is a nice assortment of interesting characters, and each one a distinct personality. Also. the dialogue is pretty good and it does help to bring out the individuality of the characters. I even liked the Janshai despite them being pretty nasty. If anything Fayette is more interesting than Leo. I liked her feistiness, and the dynamic between them at the start was very promising. I was a little disappointed when they went on their separate adventures and hope their destinies entwine again later on.

by Shaun

I enjoyed reading the authors work. He has a good ability to create an imaginary world and its inhabitants, and the scenario presented in this story is an intriguing one. As I say, I like the world he has created: there is a good sense of place and it's easy to believe in the world, its people and problems.

by Pete

I liked this book, it seemed more down to earth and gritty than many other medieval fantasies i have read. I felt at any point in time that i was standing among the knights in the castle or riding through the woods into battle. I can’t wait for the next installment.

by RH

You can't beat a good book of good versus evil and this is a very good one.
I am sure it will be a hit with the teenage market who have been brought up on Fantasy novels.
The descriptive powers of the Author are great, you really smell and feel the battles as you read the pages.
Look forward to the next part of the saga.

by ANT

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