Troubador Ally N. Invasion

Released: 03/02/2014

ISBN: 9781783062966

Format: Paperback

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Ally N. Invasion

Space Spy


‘You may already know,’ interrupted the commander, ‘that we are planning an invasion of another planet. This time, however, we know very little about our target. We are therefore sending you to gather as much information as you can before we launch the Space Fleet.’
47/23’s minds were racing. Where could it be? Had he heard of it, and did they have deadly creatures to keep him busy? Oh, and spies. Wouldn’t be any fun without spies.

Life in school can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re an alien spy sent to Earth to discover what the planet is like before the invasion fleet arrives. And it’s even harder than that when you’re quite short and your Earthling disguise makes you look like a ten-year-old...

Join Ally N. Invasion in his quest to uncover the secrets of English lessons, P.E., D.T., P.S.H.E. and lots of other letters. Along the way, he’ll make friends and mistakes – and a rather nice model of a rocket. But what will he do when seventy-five giant alien spaceships arrive, just after home time...?

“I wrote this book as a tribute to all of the fantastic children I’ve taught over the years. Many of them were the inspiration behind the characters,” says author Steve, whose novel will be enjoyed by seven- to eleven-year-old fans of science-fiction and humorous stories. Other than his previous students, Steve has also taken inspiration from Andy Stanton’s ‘Mr. Gum’ series and the works of Spike Milligan. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout in black and white.

Ally N. Invasion is a finalist in the 9-12 year-old category of the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2013!
Longlisted in the children's list for the 2014 International Rubery Award!

Steve is now taking bookings for school visits in academic year 2017/18. For more details please contact Steve at

A fantastic read full of humour and pathos. The storyline is pacy and the relationships between children and Alien visitor are well observed. Adults and kids alike will love to read this new best seller. Can't wait for the sequel.

by Sally Lill

This is a fantastic read whatever age you are. Ally N. is the best alien ever. What will he do next? I'm waiting with baited breath. Hurry up Steve.

by Wendy Croft

Ally N. Invasion: Space Spy - Stephen Lill
A really good fun read for junior aged readers about an alien spy, cleverly disguised as a 10 year old boy, examining school life from his unique perspective. The illustrations are intricate and clever. It has a good, page-turning pace.

by International Rubery Book Award

Steve Lill

Steve Lill had lots of different jobs before becoming a writer. He has been an astronaut, a fossil-hunter, a rock star and Prime Minister of a small country. He also loves making things up. He is the world’s leading expert at losing things. Steve has a special message for all his readers: ‘Have you seen my glasses anywhere?’

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