Troubador 24th Room

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783061327

Format: Paperback

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24th Room

The Vale Legend


“The Room has one rule which you must never break or you will lose the privilege of the 24th Room and become a slave to the Manor – when it is time to go back, you must always return the way you came, never attempt to go down any of the other stairways...”

Jaxon and Shay Vale are 16-year-old twins, one of whom, due to their heritage, will be the future Lord or Lady of Vale Manor in England. In their eyes, this is a burden – and not one they are the slightest bit interested in.

An old lady from a store in the village tells them about the manor’s secret: the 24th Room, which sits in the 5th Dimension, can be reached from a stairway that will take them on a journey through the amazing night sky. This room is like no other, and holds many surprises for Jaxon and Shay. The legend of the room states, once they turn 18, that their memory of the 24th Room will disappear... But will it? 

24th Room is a work of young adult fiction that will appeal to 12-16 year old ‘teensters’ that enjoy fantasy fiction. It is the first of two books in the 24th Series.

The Vale Legend is the first of two books in the series. It is a story for all the Teensters out there who would like to move between the Worlds of Reality in Vale Manor and Possibility in the "24th Room" It has excitement, humour, adventure and sooo much fun.

Enjoy and Welcome to the "24th Room".

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Christy Ellynby

I am a trained counsellor/advocate and have worked with Kids,Teens and Special Needs Children. I have extensive management and business skills which helped me gain a final five placing in the local business awards, being awarded a commendation award for an original creation of a successful character concept Greeny now known as Greanwold. Greanwold is the main character in Greanwold's World. soon to be a fully interactive website with downloadable "apps" and video games and production planned for 6 TV specials and a feature film produced in Vancouver Canada.

It was my work with Teens and involvement with Greanwold the inspired me to write the <"24th Room">

It has also been my work with children and teens that has contributed to the creation of the Greanwold Foundation for Kids Worldwide.

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